The wives of hosts of HVAC podcasts
The wives of hosts of HVAC podcasts

The Wives of HVAC Share All!

The wives of hosts of HVAC podcasts


The wives of hosts of HVAC podcasts

“A couple who builds together stays together. It grows and makes your relationship stronger.”

Listen to the podcast here:

Join Kathleen Ridley, wife of Tool Pros podcast host Brent Ridley as she speaks with Julie Blissett and Leilani Orr, who balance many responsibilities as women while still thriving. She also talks about being a trades spouse, having children, and managing a business and podcast brands.

“Motherhood is the greatest experience of a woman’s life, but it comes with plenty of emotionally draining challenges.” 

As a woman from a business, family, kids and personal life is a constant juggling act. Listen to this podcast as three wonderful women who are friends and spouses of amazing podcast hosts get together for the AHRexpo together.

  • Julie Blissett is the mother of four kids and wife of Tersh Blissett, the host of the Service Business Mastery Podcast. Tersh is a tradesman and business owner in addition to being a podcast host. Within this couple, he’s is a military veteran, and she is still serving in the Air National Guard as a nurse while also working as a nurse in the civilian world and is the Health and Safety nurse for their HVAC business.
  • Leilani Orr is the wife of Bryan from HVAC School, with whom she has spent the majority of her life, raising their ten children.

Being a part of the trades world as well as being married to one is an adventure in itself, isn’t it!?

This industry is very different from other markets unless you’re familiar with it or you were raised in an environment like this, and it can be hard for young couples so you would not want to miss this event. 

So, if you are struggling with managing your work and personal life with your husband or if you just want to be a better mom, or are you wondering how best to be supportive to your husband, this show is for you.

In this podcast, we discuss how husband and wife can become a power couple by understanding each other and bringing out the best in each other.

This podcast is about these ladies’ real-life experiences and some advice from them about how to deal with this 24/7 role like a boss. It’s surely a balancing act for these ladies, so are you keen to hear what they have to say?

Live at the AHRexpo in Las VegasVibing with your partners

“One of the most important things is for me personally is identifying what is so important to Tersh and then making that really important to me”, says Julie Blissett

“Whenever we do that, I feel like we vibe really well with the day-to-day and I just he feels that support, and I think that that’s really important,” she adds.

Leilani Orr emphasizes valuing the work. “Value the work, value their work,” she says. 

Teamwork is incredibly important not only in your marriage but also in business.

“Teamwork is so incredibly important because you are not only partners in your marriage, but also in business, and this sometimes necessitates taking over. You must pick up the slack because they are extremely busy running a business, podcasting, and maintaining their brands,” says Kathleen Ridley.


 “I realized that each of us has our own story. A balancing act, on the other hand, is not always a perfect balance. It’s important to say clearly what his responsibilities are, what mine are, and to value what the other person does.”

“And I believe that when we appreciate each other, we would also like to give a little extra when we can. It hasn’t always been easy, but it has helped to have the conversation before the weekend about what you expect from us this weekend and what the struggle is and when, and that’s generally helped.”, says Leilani Orr.

Your perspective and mindset play a crucial part. 

“I believe that your perception of how you want your life to be is all that matters,” says Kathleen Ridley.

Kathleen Ridley (wife of Brent Ridley, host of the Tool Pros Podcast, Leilani Orr (wife of Bryan Orr, host of the HVAC School podcast), and Julie Blissett (wife of Tersh Blissett host of Service Business Mastery podcast) recently appeared on the Service Business Mastery podcast, and here are some highlights of the podcast:

  • The stories of women who are slaying their roles not only as mothers and wives but also as business partners. And what worked well for them and their husband?
  • What was their life like before they started working in the business versus now that they’re working in the business with their spouse? Is it more of a blessing or a curse?
  • How does teamwork strengthen marriage and how to work together to achieve business objectives?
  • The Importance of Everyday Efforts.
  • Excellent advice for trade spouses whose husbands are constantly working out there.
  • Finally, the show discusses how to become a power couple by following a few simple steps.

This podcast is not to be missed if you are a couple starting out where your husband works overtime or is doing their own thing and trying to grow their business.Recording live at the AHRexpo 2022

Listen to this fun and special episode as amazing ladies delve into the intrigue and complexities of being a wife and mother handling different challenges 24/7. To be one step closer to becoming the successful owner of your dreams don’t forget to tune into this podcast equipped with essential business advice from an impactful conversation.

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