Wasted PPC Spend Johnny & Sarah
Wasted PPC Spend Johnny & Sarah

Wasted PPC Spend: Where It Really Begins

Wasted PPC Spend Johnny & Sarah

“Having an agency is so great because I don’t want to do it all, but having a partnership that sees my data and I can give my data back to them… makes more sense because data makes us smarter.”

— Sarah Ghirardo 

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Wasted PPC Spend Inside The HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical Industry

A recent study conducted shows that 79% of marketers say PPC is hugely beneficial for their business. However, the trick is knowing HOW to develop a strategy that fosters that kind of success. But how is success in this channel measured? What do successful digital marketing campaigns even look like?

What Does Sarah & Johnny Think Pertaining To Wasted PPC Spend?

Sarah, what would you say on the paid ad side, you see, as one of the biggest questions that contractors don’t ask their provider.

I think they’re not asking any questions sometimes. Right. And that’s the problem. It’s like, they come in, they’re like, I need a vendor and I was the same way. Like my experience is in internal marketing. Right. Inside of a business, running their brands. And when I came into that business, this is what I’ll tell you how I learned.

And I had to learn quickly. I had an agency that at that time in 2012, that wasn’t performing, they were wasting my spending within the first two weeks. And I had large spending I had five locations. So wasting that spending and then asking me for more budget, I had to learn what was happening. And I learned that we weren’t, they partying.

I learned that. We had traffic coming outside of the United States. We’re in California. Like that didn’t even make sense, like, but wasn’t managed and what, you know, and it was measured, but the measurements that were coming out, no one understood them and they didn’t have time to ask the questions as to, okay.

What does this mean? In terms of conversion, like what’s actually happening. How do we innovate? How do we make this better? And, and I think that there wasn’t a true partnership with the agencies. Um, and the agencies are experts. I don’t want to know it all. I want to know enough to innovate and partner with the right people so that I could have those conversations.

So that’s kinda how I learned. I just, I was like, oh no, I’m failing forward right now. I stepped into a giant bomb and. What do I do? I’ve got to learn. So I literally Googled it.

I just think that we’re just not asking enough questions. Knowing our numbers, holding someone accountable for what’s going on, and having real conversations with people because your agencies are right there and they want to help you so much. I mean, look at y’all you’re out there talking and educating people on different topics.

Like that’s, that’s meaningful, you know, what questions should we be asking? Like for somebody who hasn’t gone through the training and everything else, like, what’s the number one question I should be like, We should know this answer roughly, maybe like a top three. Cause I’m sure there’s not just one that you’d want to ask, but like if you had a, if you guys both had a, like a, like a perfect list of a couple of questions that like somebody who literally knows almost nothing and they know where the ad shows up, they just don’t know what it does, how it gets there or anything.

Wasted PPC Spend Johnny & Sarah

What Kind of Questions Should You Be Asking?

What does my market look like? To, and you can ask any vendor at this, right? They can give you a competitive analysis, can give you market saturation, and can give you that information. But if you don’t know your numbers to that market, that data that they’re going to give you, you’re going to just be like, you’re going to take their numbers and say, oh, all of that’s true.

Right? You need to know your capacity, numbers, and forecast for your marketing spend and kind of have a general idea of what you want to spend. So, my question would be, do you know your numbers internally to be able to give them to a provider right. And say, Hey, let’s do PPC because everybody else is doing it.

Cause that’s what I see. I see that I’m like, everybody says, I gotta be on PPC. Well, because it’s Google and you’re scared of Google and you’re like, I should be on all of Google products. Like yeah. Sometimes. Sometimes not, it depends on your market and your area. And PPC saw a decrease in spending. Now you’re going to see different things happen as the market shifts.

So my question, to any owner would be, do you know your numbers enough to have a conversation with any vendor, your budget amount, and what's your market saturation? Click To Tweet That’s what the first I’d asked them. Tell me about my competitive analysis. Tell me about what you’re seeing about my business in the audit

I don’t have to trust everything that you’re saying. You’re a vendor and we’re not there yet Give me a couple of days so I can go and research all those things that you gave me in the full report and say to myself,” Is this right?”

Questions like these are the reason we brought two awesome guests to our show today: Sarah Ghirardo & Johnny Wenzel, Digital Marketing experts from Service Titan.

We are very excited to share with you their experiences, expertise, and digital marketing PPC suggestions on this new episode of Service Business Mastery!

Sarah & Johnny recently joined the Service Business Mastery Podcast, which included his thoughts on:

  • Their experiences with PPC marketing and wasted ad spend
  • Tips to improve your digital marketing strategy
  • Ways in which digital marketing is different in service-based industries
  • The importance of researching your digital advertising agency

Learn more business knowledge to help you start, grow, and improve businesses, here are some Key Resources from his interview:

Listen to this podcast and get equipped with essential business advice from this impactful conversation. 

So, what’re you waiting for? Tune into this episode right away and get one step closer to becoming the successful owner of your dreams.

About The Guest:

Sarah Ghirardo on wasted ppc spendSarah Ghirardo is Sr. Marketing Operations Manager at Service Titan and is known for being a goal achiever, not just a goal setter. During her time at Service Titan, she has been able to grow direct revenue from service titan’s content creation for tenants by over 20% month over month.

Get lost in a deep conversation with Sarah and you probably will hear her say, “I am a leader in any industry I work in, I drive revenue… I fully believe your mindset for success drives your passion.”




Johnny Wenzel - Wasted PPC SpendJohnny Wenzel is a Marketing Consultant at Service Titan and understands that Digital Marketing is both an art and a science. He is known for his ability to successfully combine data and the scientific method to messaging and communication, customized for one business at a time. His mantra? “Advertising is simply communication. The key is to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time, in the right place, giving them the right experience.”




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