robert with routezilla
robert with routezilla

Efficiently Route Your HVAC & Plumbing Home Service Business Technicians

robert with routezilla

robert with routezilla

“The US on-demand home services sector currently stands at $600 billion. It has shown a steadfast growth during the pandemic and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 49% by 2021. Do you have the workflow methods in place to keep up?”

Robert Ducharme,CEO

Routezilla Software Corp.

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Episode Overview

Get everything you need to stop wasting leads and boost your booking with Robert Ducharme.

How Great is Your Schedule Routing? Do you put much thought into the routes your service technicians take when they are going from job to job do your techs ever drive past each other while giving each other the one-finger wave?!? 

If you’re not sure, then this episode is for you! 

We’re back with another informative episode for you! In this episode, Robert Ducharme shares tips on how to never lose another lead or job, overcome poor scheduling, and create a successful business.

How RouteZilla can help you route as a Home Service Business Owner?

  • A Routezilla is a business scheduling software developed by Routezilla Software Corp, Robert Ducharme developed it when he was unable to find an appropriate software solution for his service business. Ducharme aspires to assist other small service companies to accomplish similar results.
  • A key goal of Routezilla is to help small service businesses save money and improve their workflow. It accomplishes this in several ways. 

[00:05:00] Robert talks about how Routezillla can assist you in the scheduling process.

  • Using Routezilla’s online business scheduling software, Routezilla ensures that customers can schedule appointments quickly at any time. The software also minimizes fuel costs and optimizes workers’ hours.

[00:13:00] Robert says, “When you set up your initial settings, you can enter unlimited staff members and then create crews”.

  • You can set up service areas for each day in advance and change them whenever necessary. In addition to real-time crew calendars, business analytics, confirmations, and reminder emails, Routezilla offers customer communication tools, data backup, and program security.

“Routezilla strives to empower Home Services companies with the tools to allow their businesses to thrive. Routezilla sees technology as a tool for prosperity.”

Excited to hear about RouteZilla?

Join Tersh Blissett and his co-host as they discuss with Robert Ducharme his journey to Routezilla and how it helps people in growing their business. Let Tersh Blissett and Josh Crouch be your guide in getting you to the top here at Service Business Mastery. 

Tune in as they sit down with an amazing business owner who shares valuable insights on generating leads, not losing leads, and so much more. Come take your HVAC business to the next level today with effective advice from Robert! Let his nuggets of wisdom goals guide you in owning a thriving, profitable, and ever-growing business.

(Robert is CEO of Routezilla. Robert is a highly analytical, forward-thinking decision-maker with extensive experience leading financial, product development, human resource, ideation, marketing, and sales team operations across several different socioeconomic demographics.)

Are you looking for valuable business advice to reach that seven-figure revenue mark? Do you want actionable tips to properly navigate through every business challenge you encounter along the way? Then this podcast is definitely for you.

In this episode, Robert shares how to ensure that home service business owners never lose another lead or job due to poor scheduling.

Robert Ducharme recently joined the Service Business Mastery Podcast, where he discuss a variety of multi-location marketing topics, including:

  • Some ways home service businesses such as interior designers, pool cleaners, home garden services, and repairmen can create an effective conversion strategy.
  • Why should you respond to every request with a Booked and Confirmed Appointment in real-time, and how can Routezilla help you do it?
  • Connecting businesses with new customers through a scheduling solution that is efficient and effective.
  • It’s essential to schedule service calls near each other so that your workers don’t have to spend too much time traveling between jobs.
  • As a society, we now live in an omnichannel world where businesses must be able to communicate with their customers via multiple channels.
  • How to manage all your staff and crew schedules from one place. 

Key Resources from the Show:

Listen to this podcast and get equipped with essential business advice from this impactful conversation. 

So, what’re you waiting for? Tune into this episode right away and get one step closer to becoming the successful owner of your dreams.

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