How Sera Is Disrupting The CRM Market For HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical Contractors

Sera team on SBM

Everett, Billy & Chris from Sera on the Service Business Mastery podcast

“Business owners should never feel guilty for going to the gym, taking a vacation, or spending time with their family. Yet, that’s the story I hear all too often in HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and other trades. Once you implement Sera, you’ll never have to feel guilty again.”

Billy Stevens Founder, Sera

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Join Tersh Blissett as he interviews Billy Stevens (CEO of Sera), Chris Folmar (CMO of Sera), and Everett Lippel (Consultant for Sera), world-renowned business leaders and authors who share valuable insights about management, marketing, pricing, human resources, and more. Let their nuggets of wisdom goals guide you in owning a thriving, profitable, and ever-growing business.


Billy Stevens is the founder of Sera, who started his first Plumbing, HVAC, and Electrical business with only one truck. When he was bought out, he was among the most profitable in the industry. Sera experienced an unheard of 24% sustained cash flow in an industry that only averages 6-8%.

Billy’s new plumbing and HVAC company, billyGO Plumbing, Heating, and Air, was built using Sera. In only three years of business, billyGO has grossed more than $15 million dollars in revenue with a 20+ percent positive cash flow!

Billy Stevens is the founder of Sera, who started his first Plumbing, HVAC, and Electrical business with only one truck. When he was bought out, he was among the most profitable in the industry. Sera experienced an unheard of 24% sustained cash flow in… Click To Tweet

Are you looking for valuable business advice to reach that seven-figure revenue mark? Or if you want actionable tips to properly navigate through every business challenge, you encounter along the way? Then this SHOW IS DEFINITELY FOR YOU. 

This podcast focuses on service business owners, managers, and technicians who consider becoming business owners themselves.

So, if you’re a service business owner, manager, or technician thinking about becoming a business owner yourself, come along for the adventure!

Sera: Why should you know about it?

  • Sera reduces time-wasting touchpoints by utilizing automation. Technicians can create quotes quickly and efficiently. It is a relatively new system designed to help run your field service management. Sera is a little different than other systems because it is really designed to work in the business so that your team can be focused solely on the most important thing, which is how do you drive revenue or profitability?
  • Also, it’s got several patents pending that are on the way.
  • Sera, essentially, handles a lot of the redundant back-end processes so that humans don’t have to touch them.

HVAC Software That Works Wonders!

Sera’s powerful HVAC automation tools increase profits and enhance the way technicians, dispatchers, and customers interact.

A.I. despatching is a hot topic among techs nowadays. Wondering how it works?

“It works by showing you what you must do in order to determine the difference between good calls that can make you more money and calls that aren’t worth your time,” Billy says. “Sera can figure that out for you,” he adds.

“For example, suppose that I have a 15-year-old air conditioner in my house. Your dispatchers have already told you we can’t get any more calls over, but if she recognizes that there are four or five tune-ups waiting for a six- or seven-year-old system, we’ll put off one of those tune-ups and go do that 15-year-old system instead.”

Recording the show live in Las Vegas

Your financials tell you how you and your business are, and you’re a reflection of your business. 

“Yes, definitely! Sera help you achieve your business goals”, says Billy. “We have field service management software that handles your day-to-day operations while working to increase the financial health of your business. You can see your labor costs in real-time with our patent-pending job time efficiency reports!” he says.

“We built Sera in such a way that everything that we do, how we price the tasks, how we handle all of that goes right to the P&L with the purpose of helping you get your finances in order so that you can achieve your goals,” he adds.


How exactly can technicians benefit from the software?

“This is a software built for HVAC technicians where techs can book repeat calls, comfort advisor appointments, and installers for installation days all from their app without calling the office. Moreover, live calendars via our Smart Scheduler make this possible,” says Everett Lippel.

Your HVAC price book is the key to your success and profitability, so make sure it makes sense.

“At Sera, we focus to makes it easy to modify and update each task, equipment item, and overhead expense – separately or in bulk. So, you can use our proven price book, or you can add your own. Our customer success team will help every step of the way,” Chris Says.

Steve Stevens (CEO of Sera), Chris Folmar (CMO of Sera), and Everett Lippel (Consultant for Sera) recently appeared on the Service Business Mastery podcast, and here are some highlights of the podcast:

  • How can you achieve your business goals?
  • Valuable business advice to reach that seven-figure revenue mark.
  • Actionable tips to properly navigate through every business challenge you encounter along the way.
  • How Sera helps you get your financials in order.
  • Show talks about redesigned products, such as a large batch of reports you can read and see, and you don’t even need to create spreadsheets.
  • How Dispatch Software Designed for HVAC makes it easy to view schedules, manually assign or change jobs, check the status of your HVAC techs, and track all aspects of a work order.
  • Ultimately the show talks about how you can take your business to the next level.

Listen to this fascinating episode to learn everything you need to know about business, marketing, pricing, and human resources! You sure will enjoy this informative episode!

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About The Guests

Billy Stevens' HeadshotWith only a $10,000 loan from his father-in-law, Billy Stevens created one of the most profitable HVAC and plumbing companies in the nation.  In just a few short years he 100x his company while maintaining 4x the normal EBITDA year after year.  This led to him becoming the platform company for one of today’s most respected PE firms in the trades.  Many in the industry see this as the epicenter of the massive PE expansion in the trades today.  “When we began acquiring companies there weren’t many options for owners to have a successful exit.”
After a couple of years of running this newly formed venture, Billy saw another huge opportunity to give back to the people in the service trades industry.
 Sera was on his mind since the early 2000s but he stayed focused until the right opportunity became a possibility.  Through a chance meeting with the CTO of a very successful company, his idea of software that greatly simplified the complexities of running a home service business came to be.  “Sera was my gift to everyone in the trades that wanted software that did exactly what we needed it to do with automation for the redundant jobs our staff deals with every day.”
However, before he would build the perfect software he needed his own HVAC and plumbing company to beta test from day one.  Therefore, billyGO was born out of necessity to get it right from the beginning. Starting one startup is hard enough but Billy’s work ethic and knowing exactly what his software needed didn’t stop him from launching two.  “ I was prepared to fund both companies as long as it took to get them off of the ground, but something fantastic happened.”  With no customer base and Not even thinking of buying an existing service company, the deck was stacked against him.  However, in only one year BillyGO was profitable and Sera had proved that if you build something great they will come.


Chris Folmar Heashot

Chris Folmar is an innovative, results-oriented digital executive, marketing technologist, and start-up founder with a strong background in SaaS Product Management for Customer Relationship Management, Content Management, Marketing Technology, and Go-to-Market planning. Proven award-winning experience in developing products, programs, and partnerships that generate revenues. B2B & B2C experience with large and small companies.




Everett instructing his classEverett Lippel is an award-winning and 13 year veteran of the HVAC and plumbing sales world. As a Comfort Advisor, Everette consistently produced $2-$3M+ per year as far back as 2012. As a leader, he has helped several organizations achieve explosive sales growth while maintaining incredible customer loyalty and satisfaction. Everett has trained and developed several high-caliber services and sales professionals and is continuously focused on the sales process, effective communication, and call maximization. A Master HVACR and part of over 3,500+ projects including BPI/home performance.  Everett is currently the National Director of Sales for Supply Smart, a $25M+ national plumbing and HVAC supply company, ambassador and consultant for Sera, and an independent business consultant for the home-services industry.

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