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Mastering Communication, CRM, and Reputation Management for Small, Local Businesses

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“John Powell said it right when he said: “Communication works for those who work at it.” For small, local businesses to prosper or thrive, strong communication, especially with customers, becomes essential.”

– Laura Nelson

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Are you curious to know what strategies can you use to optimize your communication and manage your customer relationships?

As we bring you this episode, Laura from Signpost will discuss generating word-of-mouth business with us!

Join Tersh Blissett and his co-host Josh Crouch, as they discuss overcoming the marketing challenges one faces as a small business, and how to optimize your communication with customers by driving ROI through customer communication and external CRM services with Laura Nelson. 

Tune in as they sit with an amazing coach, a leader with professional passion who shares tips about how to communicate right with your customers. Let her nuggets of wisdom goals guide you in owning a thriving, profitable, and ever-growing business.

Laura Nelson is the vice president of marketing at Signpost, a Denver-based company that helps businesses respond instantly, simplify communications, and build credibility. It is a technology firm that creates CRM and marketing automation software to help local businesses and contractors connect with new and existing customers. Laura is a self-starting manager with prior experience in marketing, business management, and editorial functions. She possesses a strategic mindset, strong communication skills, and a strong sense of storytelling. Laura is looking forward to the future of Signpost and hopes to strike a balance between a feature-based and a value-based website. Signpost only works with contractors to help them not only get found online but also respond quickly.

Are you looking for valuable business advice to reach that seven-figure revenue mark? Do you want actionable tips to properly navigate through every business challenge you encounter as a tradesperson along the way? Then this podcast is definitely for you. 

[00:11:00] What makes Signpost worth your hard-earned money?

Laura Nelson says, “Signpost exists because we have gone out and talked to contractors about the problems small businesses face, such as having to log in to 20 different things throughout the day to get your leads.” Click To Tweet
  • So, Signpost provides you with a way to arrive at one place. The other important thing is to be able to respond quickly with tools such as Signpost and others that enable this. 

“It’s a contractor. If he’s under a sink, replacing an HVAC unit to automate a response in a, customized way, Hey, like we’re not available right now. Feel free to text us at this number. We’re gonna call you as soon as possible. Whether that lead comes in through home advisor, Facebook messenger, Google messenger, or they miss a phone. There are ways that tools and technology answering services can do this in a more efficient way than hiring a human being, which we know in this hiring climate is nearly impossible.”

In this episode, Laura talks about how to better communicate with your customers and create a strong reputation in your industry and community. 

Listen to this entire episode to know how you decide as a local business what the best marketing approach is. 

<<Join us to dive into her multi-channel marketing strategies and their efforts to invest in SEO, email marketing, and content.>>

Laura Nelson recently joined Service Business Mastery Podcast, and here are some highlights of the podcast:

  • Overcoming the marketing challenges you face in your business. 
  • Tips on which tools and channels to use as a small business
  • The key to competing with the big brands
  • Which marketing mistakes should a small business avoid?
  • How to optimize your communication with customers Driving ROI through customer communication and external CRM services.
  • How do you decide as a local business what the best marketing approach is
  • Having grown up in a family of entrepreneurs, Laura Nelson tells us what she’s learned. Moreover, she discusses how “word-of-mouth” marketing has evolved due to the omnipresence of online reviews. 
  • How to make the most of technology like Signpost to provide excellent customer service that will increase sales and get good and positive reviews.

Key Resources From The Show:

Listen to this podcast and get equipped with essential business advice from this impactful conversation. So, what’re you waiting for? Tune into this episode immediately and get one step closer to becoming the successful owner of your dreams.

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About The Guest:

Laura Nelson square imageLaura Nelson is the VP of Marketing at Signpost. Laura is a skilled entrepreneurial manager with experience in a variety of roles, including marketing, business management, and editorial functions. Strategic mindset, effective communications abilities, and a strong sense of storytelling. Experience with marketing SaaS and consumer platforms on strong growth trajectories, and collaborating with strategic partners to create scalable programs.

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Meet the Hosts:

Tersh Blissett; Host & Producer of Service Business Mastery podcastTersh Blissett is a serial entrepreneur who has created and scaled multiple profitable home service businesses in his small-town market. He’s dedicated to giving back to the industry that has provided so much for him and his family. Connect with him on LinkedIn.




Josh Crouch Host of Service Business Mastery podcastJoshua Crouch has been in the home services industry, specifically HVAC, for 8+ years as an Operations Manager, Branch Manager, Territory Sales Manager, and Director of Marketing. He’s also the Founder of Relentless Digital, where his focus is on dominating your local market online. Connect with him on LinkedIn.




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