SBM 635 Susie Carder | Increasing Profits
SBM 635 Susie Carder | Increasing Profits

Increase The Profits Your HVAC Business Produces By Learning From Other Industries With Susie Carder Of Power Your Profits Book

SBM 635 Susie Carder | Increasing Profits

SBM 635 Susie Carder | Increasing Profits


As an entrepreneur, you need to prioritize and take action so that you can continue to make a profit. Look at your business as a whole because profitability doesn’t just come from one thing. Generate wealth with one of your hosts Tersh Blissett as he talks to profit coach, Susie Carder. Susie is the Founder and CEO of SC Consulting. She is also the author of Power Your Profits: How to Take Your Business from $10,000 to $10,000,000. Susie didn’t have everything growing up. She built her business the hard way. Learn how to have the right money mindset so that you never give up. Start taking action with today’s episode!

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Increase The Profits Your HVAC Business Produces By Learning From Other Industries With Susie Carder Of Power Your Profits Book

We have Susie Carder on the show. I’m super excited about this because she’s a Profit Coach. That’s her daytime or full-time job but she has an exciting new book coming out called Power Your Profits and we are going to talk about that. Her background is exciting because it’s pretty much everybody that’s reading this, based on the feedback that I get, this is exactly who you need to be learning from.

It’s one of those things where she has experience across multiple arrays of industries. I find that very helpful because I’m in a class, a small group setting with Jay Abraham. Whenever he talks to us, it’s very much like, “I have the privilege of crossing over several industries. I have experience with that.” Instead of having a coach that has only ever been in the service industry, it’s cool to talk to someone who has experience across all the gamuts. With that, welcome to the show.

First of all, thank you so much for doing this. It makes a big difference for small businesses. I’m a sponge and I use my car as my university on wheels that I can learn. There’s a quote that says, “The more you learn, the more you earn.” I’m all about how do I feed my mind at different times. One idea can make you millions. My goal is that we can give you an idea and you make some millions. That’s my goal. I am the Profit Coach. I’m all about the money. I’m all about making it rain so let’s make it rain.

Tell me a little bit about yourself, your background, and how you’ve got into profit coaching.

I’m a serial entrepreneur. I have launched nine businesses. Seven were multimillion-dollar companies and two of them were a complete flop. I just didn’t know. I find that a lot of business owners want partners because we are nervous to do it on our own and that was my first two businesses. I had partners. Partners are like marriages. If you don’t pick a good one, they are disastrous.

My picker was off when I first started a business but I learned a lot. I learned about agreements, clarity in roles, what to do and what not to do. I have always been an entrepreneur and that’s because I don’t like anyone being the boss of me. Let me be candid. No one is the boss of me. You can give me suggestions but don’t tell me what to do.

I love the process of building a business. I started a business early on. I was a single mom raising two little girls. I’ve got divorced and had no child support or alimony but I have a blessing. I have two beautiful girls. I ended up figuring out very quickly how to make money. My vocation back then was a hairdresser. I didn’t know being a hairdresser that the minute you get your license, you are an entrepreneur. I figured clients would come raining out of the sky and want me. The reality is it’s not. It’s entrepreneurship. To take care of my family and my children, I had to figure out, “How do I make money at this?”

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As a hairdresser, I made $250,000 a year, which the average hairdresser at the time made $30,000. I bought a salon and we were in the top 1% in the nation and top 10% of the world. We earned that right by the productivity and the dollars that we did. I learned early on that if you want to be an entrepreneur, your business has to survive without you. You need to create a business as if you are going to franchise it. You don’t have to franchise it but where everything is duplicatable. I can remove myself and my business will grow and sustain. I wanted to teach other people how to do that in that industry.

The average person in that industry makes less than $30,000 a year, which was unacceptable to me. The average salon and spa make about $100,000 a year, which makes no sense to me. We did $1 million with six people. To give you a sense of that to do $1 million in that industry, you have to have 30 people. That was many years ago and in this day’s market, it’s still similar.

My passion was educating that business or niche. I was teaching at these millionaire forums because I was learning to raise money. One of the businesses I started was an online platform for the beauty industry. We needed to raise money and I didn’t know how to raise money. I took this course. They are teaching people to raise money but they are not teaching them how do you build a sustainable business. I’m like, “You all need to teach this piece.” They are like, “Why don’t you do it?” I’m like, “I don’t know anything about everybody else’s business. I just know my business.”

I start teaching in those millionaires’ forums and your business had to do $1 million to qualify to go to this. We are working with movers and shakers. Someone asked, “Will you coach me?” I’m like, “I don’t know anything about your business. I only know the niche and my business.” The industry kept saying, “We don’t care. We want you.” I’m like, “No.”

When people keep saying, “Can I buy?” I’m smart enough to go, “How much will you pay for that?” That’s why I’ve got into the entrepreneurial space was the people kept saying, “Will you teach me?” I quickly learned that business is business. There are some formulas and foundations in your business. There is a cost of goods. There are formulas on how you keep it, how you price, what you are doing and how much time with each customer. It’s looking at what formula does your business fit inside of.

If you go bowling and you are not a seasoned bowler, they will put the bumper rail. The bumper rail makes sure that your ball doesn’t go in the gutter. Business is the same way. The systems are the bumper rail. Follow the formula and the formula will get you success. I’m very formatic because I’m so creative but most entrepreneurs are crazy creative. That’s why we are able to make businesses and make stuff up but if you don’t follow a formula, you can make business up and lose money.

The average small business will fail in the first five years, which is nuts. We don’t know what we don’t know. My goal is to go, “I don’t want you to fail.” About 80% of them are doing $100,000 a year. That’s grossing $100,000 a year. That’s not your paycheck. If you are grossing $100,000 a year and you run a good budget, you might be making $50,000 a year or less. Again, you need to get a job other than that.

One percent of the business owners make $1 million and again, that’s grossing $1 million. That’s not making $1 million. My job is creating profit. My clients gave me the name Profit Coach. They are like, “Susie, you know what do for me?” I’m like, “I give you strategy and systems.” They are like, “No. You do but what you do is you make us money. You are the Profit Coach.” I see money everywhere. I can look at a small company and see a 50% increase by tweaking some little things that are already happening in your business.

SBM 635 Susie Carder | Increasing Profits
Increasing Profits: If you want to be an entrepreneur, your business has to survive without you. Create a business as if you’re going to franchise where you can remove yourself and your business will grow and sustain.


I have a client. She owns a vending company. It’s a vending company in schools and hospitals. We increased her sales by $752,000 by taking her B clients and making them A clients. A client is that ideal client. B clients are consistent but they are not high-level clients. All we did was take her B clients and made them A clients. No more clients, ad spend, and cost of goods. It’s all about leveraging what you have in front of you. You are sitting on a gold mine that you don’t know. My job is fun. I’ve got to find you money, and then you love me because I found you money but that’s if you do the work. There’s no sprinkle fairy dust. My pen has sparkles in it but it’s not a magic wand.

Tell me about the book.

The book is Power Your Profits. This has been 30 years in the making. When I look at me building nine companies, I’m not going to dismiss the two that was a failure because it’s part of entrepreneurship. It’s the journey of taking a business from bootstrapping to making it to the big time. I sold my training and development company to millions to the largest publisher in the world. We were a training and development company and the only way we were able to sell it for millions is the tools that I give you in the book.

I love assessments. I like to self-evaluate where my business is. Every chapter has an evaluation of your sales, marketing, operations, and finance so that you are not scattered in, “What’s my plan?” You are strategic about, “What do I need to work on next?” As an entrepreneur, every day, I have to say to myself, “What’s the highest income-producing activity only I can do?” That’s what I’m going to spend my time on. Everything else is going to get delegated to my team. I have to check in with myself because I get caught up in the minutia but your busyness isn’t making you money. Your busyness is keeping you from your business.

The book is a roadmap to building a $10 million company. If you want to build a $10 million company, you need the roadmap. The reason you haven’t hit it is that you don’t have the roadmap. It’s not that you are not smart enough. It’s not that you are not getting out in front of the right customers or that could be a piece of it but it’s you just don’t know.

My job and my goal are to help entrepreneurs hit that level and have profit at the end of the day. Your job and my job as business owners are to bring profit to the company. The profit is the value that we are bringing to the organization. It’s not gross sales. It doesn’t matter if you make $1 million if you are spending $1.2 million but my job is to go, “Let’s make money. Let’s have your gross sales but how much is leftover?” There’s a system for each piece of your business. Once you learn the system, then it’s duplicatable.

In your business for HVAC, you have a system for when you go to a customer and you are evaluating what’s happening in their business. You don’t even think about it anymore. It’s what you do. I want business owners to go, “What is the formula that I put in place for my business?” I freak out about money then I go back to my plan and go, “This is exactly where I thought it would be,” because business is also cyclical. There’s going to be high-highs and low-lows.

If you are in a hospital, hooked up to an EKG and this is going on, what’s happening in your life? Your heart is pumping. This is business. If you have an EKG and you have a flat line, what is that? You are dead. Entrepreneurs, “I’ve got to get it even. I’ve got to get this thing called balance.” It’s not even an illusion. It’s a delusion. If you are not having the ups and downs and the highs and lows, your business is dead. Celebrate the highs and learn in the lows, so that you don’t make the same mistake and fallout but you learn from it.

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Those first two businesses, I have not made that mistake ever again. I have been in business for many years. The first time, shame on me or shame on you. The second time, shame on me. It took me two times to learn. I might be a little tough nut. My grandma, when I’ve got married, pulled my husband aside on the wedding day and said, “I don’t know why young man, but she doesn’t listen.” Grandma was a little old school. I’m like, “Grandma, you don’t say that as we are getting married.” She’s like, “I wanted to clarify.”

Your excitement is so contagious. You could tell that you are super passionate about business, coaching people, and everything in general. I have been taking notes while you are sharing. The book that you have, is it on audiobook also?

We have some juicy bonuses. The audiobook is coming out. Our books are out now. We are in the studio doing the audiobook but, in the meantime, until the book comes out, if you go to, you can go and order the book. When you order the book, you can go back to my website, put your receipt number in there and I give you about $3,000 worth of bonuses. Bonuses that are relevant now in whatever is happening in the economy and will change your life.

I looked at what were some things that have been pivotable in my business and my life. One is the money mindset. A lot of us have been adopted our money mindset from our parents, grandparents, community, and churches. Think about what were we taught about money. I don’t know about you but I was never taught anything about money, except for, “Don’t ask, we don’t have it.”

That’s funny you mentioned that because several months ago, we had a couple on the show that they talked about your money language and the language that you speak as a person due to the way you grew up. There are so many people who say, “Money is bad. People who have money are bad people.” That’s the impression that you have. It’s almost like a hush-hush. Don’t talk about the money.

It’s crazy because, with my kids, they want a daily check-in of what’s on the checking account. Those are the kids that I have. They are like, “Are we good?” I’m like, “You don’t need to worry about that stuff.” I was like, “I get it. You are my kids. We have this amount of money.” They are like, “When are you rich?” I’m like, “We are not having that conversation.”

It’s funny but sad at the same time because they talk to their friends. That’s your comparison. I don’t want them to get the perception that I had when I was a child because we never knew. Everything was good. When money is tight, it’s nice to say, “This is our budget for this month. We need to maintain that budget.” They have learned the budget rules also in that same aspect because we don’t skimp away and teach them that money is bad.

That is such a blessing to your children. I did that with my kids. My kids are older now. I’m a little more seasoned than you are. They used to pack our books and binders. “You want money, earn a job.” My daughter is an equity investor for one of the largest investment firms in Los Angeles. She went to Harvard and Wharton. She was doing my client’s profit and loss when she was in the eighth grade. She’s always had that craving to understand the formula of money.

SBM 635 Susie Carder | Increasing Profits
Increasing Profits: When the money’s not coming in, look for new ways to find it. Part of it is a mindset and a lot of it is radical action. Use your time to create more wealth.

Back then she was negotiating. I used to give them $1 a binder to do these binders. One day she figured out how much I was selling them for and how much the cost of the box was. The box represented about $20,000 and they were getting $20. She’s like, “We are getting the short end of this stick.” There was a part of me that was proud because she’s negotiating. The other part was like, “I’m not paying you anymore.”

By having your children involved, by being transparent when there is money and there isn’t money, even my grandkids now say, “Gigi, are you rich?” I’m like, “Honey, rich is relative. Let’s talk about what that means.” I love that I’m willing to have a conversation with her. I love that she’s willing to ask what does it mean. Learning the value of money and the value of how do you make more money in it. Every kid wants to do a lemonade stand or whatever. I used to make my kids pay. “Do you want that? I’m going to front you the loan to get your lemonade but out of your profits, you’ve got to pay me, and then I give you back the money you get leftover. They are like, “That’s not fair.” “Welcome to business.”

This summer 2022, my two older boys decided they were going to start a lawn care business. I said, “I will buy you both lawnmowers.” I bought them both lawnmowers, all the attachments, and everything. I said, “Every single time you get your check from the family and everybody else, a third of it is coming back to me. A 3rd going into you, and a 3rd is going into your savings account.” They are like, ” I don’t know about this.” They have to pay for overhead, too, their fuel and all that stuff. They are like, “That’s fine.” The cash is still coming in.

That is a great practice versus you giving them 100%. That’s not teaching anything. I grew up with nine brothers and sisters, Bobby, Ronnie, Stevie, Terry, Joanie, Shelley, Susie, Kelly, Debbie, so there was never any money. We were poor. I don’t mean the poor that people go, “We were poor but we didn’t know.” We knew we were poor. We were clear.

My dad very similar to you said, “Sue, you can do whatever you want. Just go work for it.” I’m cleaning windows, doing yard work, babysitting, and whatever I needed to do to earn money to get the things that I wanted because there wasn’t an allowance. When my kids’ friends were growing up, their friends’ parents were giving credit cards. They were like, “It’s not fair. Shauna gets a credit card.” I’m like, “Her parents are stupid. I’m not going to pay for whatever and not control what you are buying? Not on my watch.”

I didn’t go with the principles of business like what you are teaching your sons, “Who will they be at twenty? Who will they be at sixteen?” If they have a little lawn care business at 10 and 11, that makes me proud as an entrepreneur because we are teaching the next generation how to be responsible and be aware of what things cost. Kids, people, and clients are oblivious. I have a lot of clients that don’t do their financial forecasting or don’t want to look. “I haven’t looked in my checkbook.” I’m like, “What are you talking about? This is the foundation of your business.”

I made the boys go through the trademark process, getting the business license, the website, and all that stuff. They have experienced all of that with their little micro-business.

That is so amazing and what a great representation of walking your talk. You are creating the next generation of young entrepreneurs.

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They are excited about it. They are already talking about making T-shirts and stuff like that. I’m like, “Slow down. We’ve got to create a budget here.”

“Let’s create a budget first and see if you want to do this.” I created the largest online platform for the beauty industry because they needed it. We were the number one technology company and we won an award from Microsoft when we launched that company. Here was my biggest lesson in that. We were a $1 million company and what I learned was that the hardest $1 million I have ever earned because they needed it but they didn’t want it.

This was many years ago, at that time, there was a small percentage using computers and being online. I had to sell why they want it and why they need it. It was a hard sell and the retention strategy afterward was incredibly hard because they are like, “I’m not using it. I’m quitting.”  “You can’t quit. You will need this in your business.” It’s an interesting process to go through of, “Just because they need it doesn’t mean they want it.” There has to be both. Find the need. Fill the need. “Do they want it? Are they willing to pay for it?” You want to look inside your own business to go, “What’s that thing that people are looking for now? What’s the solution and the answer?”

When YouTube started, YouTube was a dating site. It was a good thing they pivoted and changed because it’s one of the biggest social platforms on our planet now. To go, “How do I pivot inside my business? What else can I do that’s innovative?” I love that you bring different industries onto your show because one pivot outside of your industry and adding it to your industry could be a game-changer. That’s all I have done in every business I have had.

In the beginning, it was because my consumer asked me. They would say, “Susie, I love what you do. Do you have a book?” I’m like, “No, I don’t have a book.” They were like, “If you had a book, I would buy it.” I wrote a book. They said, “I love the book. I hate to read them. Do you have an audiobook?” I’m like, “I just wrote the book.” I created audio. Pretty much everything was that way. They are like, “Do you have that?” I’ve got smart. I’m like, “How much would you pay for that if I created it? I’m not going to create it if you are not going to pay for it.” Not that that’s a good strategy. That was me being a young entrepreneur not knowing.

You could have wasted a lot of time and they decided, “It’s not worth that much to me.”

This is book number ten because I have listened to my customers. Finding the need and filling the need and going, “How else can I serve the market the way the market needs to be served?” I’m an entrepreneur, so I’m very creative. I have to go, “What can I give the industry that allows you to follow a process but allows me to be creative and uniquely me but again, stay in the bumper rails? What’s the bumper rail that I can be creative in?”

All ideas aren’t a good idea now. I’ve got ideas that I’m like, “I’m going to launch that next year or I’m going to launch in the last quarter of the year versus now.” If you don’t get anything else from this show, “What is your profit goal?” Until you reach that goal, don’t create something else. Get clear that, “I want a 20% profit margin.” The average company in our country now doesn’t have a profit margin.

SBM 635 Susie Carder | Increasing Profits
Increasing Profits: Start looking at the little things in your business. It’s all the things that you do that create profitability, not one thing – from your sales to your marketing. That is how you get real customers.


Successful companies are running at about 10%. If you are doing $1 million, that’s only $100,000. Is that sexy enough for you? You go, “Is there easier ways to make $100,000?” It’s easier to look at the bottom line to go, “What’s that number I want leftover. How do I want to create that? How do I get more of that?” I promise you, once you get in that mindset, it starts accumulating and you see, it becomes fun.

Math was not something I was good at when I first started this. I created the systems because it was frustrating to me. My CPA would talk to me and give me two P&Ls. One was cash and one was accrual. One said, “I had money,” that was the accrual. Cash said, “I didn’t have any money. I’m so frustrated.” I’m like, “Why are you giving me these two? Do I have money or do I not have money?”

I had to put spreadsheets together for me because I felt like a ding-dong. My conversation with Mr. Syberson in tenth grade said, “Don’t ever do anything with Math because you are not good at it.” I’m like, “First of all, I could be good at it if you didn’t throw the alphabet in. Who’s throwing the alphabet in Math? Why are there X and Y in my Math equation?”

I created these formulas and spreadsheets to simplify it for me. My clients would say, “Can I see that? Can I use that? Can I have that?” I’m like, “Maybe I’m not a ding-dong. Maybe I’m onto something here,” just to simplify business finance so that we can use the data to grow our business and wealth. Wealth is our birthright. It’s not for some of us. It’s for all of us.

I grew up humbly poor. When we ran out of groceries, we didn’t have food. If it wasn’t for school breakfast, I would have never eaten breakfast. If it wasn’t for the opportunities I had around me, it would have been different but it also made me who I am. It allowed me to set goals. It gave me a strong work ethic. It gave me the ability that I can do anything.

While other people are freaking out because they are not getting a paycheck or money is not coming in, I’m looking, “How do I create more money? What do we need to do? What do I need to create? What do I need to manifest?” Part of it is the mindset and a lot of it is radical action, not a passive action. You have three businesses with this business and that takes radical action.

You are not hanging out watching Netflix or Amazon. You are using your time to go, “How do I create more for my family?” Creating your legacy for your children and then their children. I broke the pattern of dysfunction in my life. The dysfunction of being poor and being in poverty by making choices and being an avid learner.

Benjamin Franklin says, “Take the coins from your purse, invest them in your mind and your mind will fill your purse overflowing.” I have my PhD. I have invested so much money in my education. My PhD is my public high school diploma. I’m just going to say that. My education was books and podcasts. If I needed to learn something like that millionaires’ forum, I needed to learn how to make money, I went to a course.

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I didn’t grow up in an environment where you could go to school. It was to go get a husband and go get a job. I’m like, “I could do it. I’m goal-oriented.” You want to look at, “There’s nothing stopping you. If I can do it, you can do it. The only difference is radical action, a plan, and getting a good coach. A coach will tell you what you don’t want to hear and show you what you don’t want to see so that you could be the person you knew that you could be.

You are not going to get there on your own. You are not going to get there listening to your own commentary. You’ve got to have somebody that’s ten steps ahead of you willing to say what’s uncomfortable because you get to a certain level in business and you can agree or disagree with this but people start to yes to you. Whatever you say is like the Holy Grail. I don’t want that in my life. I want someone to go, “Hold on. Your ego is getting too big. You’ve got to treat your team this way. You are spending too much here.”

It’s so funny because what we talked about is, “Would you rather hear a nasty truth or a pretty lie?” It’s the same thing. It’s like, “You want to hear the truth. It might hurt your ego. Your ego might be bruised for a minute but that’s the only way you are going to grow.”

A good coach will leave your dignity intact. That’s when you look at, “Do I have a good coach or do I have someone that’s about tearing me down?” I’m going to hold you to the mat or carpet. I’m going to leave your dignity intact. I’m not going to be doing character assassination. We all make mistakes in business and I’m willing to share my biggest mistakes because I believe when I share my mistakes, it allows people to see my humanity. To go, “I’m not perfect. I didn’t get here by being perfect. I’ve got here from bloody elbows and knees, skinned face, falling down, not wanting to get back up, praying to God why and going, “Let me get back up.”

It’s like the meme. It’s like the kid that has these arrows coming down at you and he’s getting stabbed. He’s like, “I’m being beaten up.” As you progress in business, the same arrows are coming at you but you are more immune to it. You have been there and experienced these things, so you know how to react whenever something like this happens. “If this happens, then do this,” and it’s less of a surprise. A good coach is worth ten times of whatever it costs for them.

I remember the first time that I paid $5,000 a month for our coach and I’m like, “I don’t have $5,000.” and you get $200,000 the next month. I’m still paying for it but three months prior to it, there’s no way you could have paid $5,000 for something. That is the truth. A good coach is going to continuously build you up also. You don’t want somebody that’s a negative Nancy all day long.

That’s the old school management. You hit people over the head. When I first started coaching, I was very in your face and direct. My coach said to me, “Susie, it doesn’t matter if you put sparkles on your hammer. If you have made it pink and pretty, it’s still a hammer. You put the hammer down.” I grew up in a military family, so I was used to it. I’ve got thick skin. “Go ahead. Get the hammer. Go ahead and tell me the truth,” but not everybody is that way to go, “Let me start with what they know and build on what they have.”

It’s funny you mentioned chilling on Netflix and stuff. We made a decision several years ago to take all the televisions out of the house. We cut all the wires disconnect the televisions and get rid of televisions in the house completely. People ask, “How do you maintain 4 kids, 4 businesses, and have a full-time military spouse who’s a nurse?” “We prioritize things.” If you scroll on Facebook for 6 minutes out of 1 hour, that 6% of the entire time that you could have been doing something else. It’s crazy when you start adding it up.

SBM 635 Susie Carder | Increasing Profits
Power Your Profits: How to Take Your Business from $10,000 to $10,000,000

That’s that busyness. It also gives you quality time versus quantity. How many times are we zoning out to go, “It forces me as a parent and a business person to focus on what the priority is,” versus distracting yourself? We are in distraction. We want Google download, which is not real. “I want my transformation quick.” “I’m sorry. This has been a 50-year process.” I will play at a bigger level. The bigger you play, the bigger the breakdown. If you are not having breakdowns, you are not playing big enough.

You are not playing hard enough.

We are trying to avoid the breakdown. That’s the EKG. You are trying to avoid the pit. My team reminds me. If we have a breakdown and I’m spinning out, they are like, “Susie, you say it all the time. The bigger you play, the bigger the breakdown.” I’m like, “Shut up. Quit coaching.” It’s like that mirror, which is great. That’s all about team culture. Having your team be transparent where your team can give you coaching back. That’s going to have your company grow quicker and faster when they are involved. When they want to be part of it or part of a movement.

I’m truly about causing a movement in the world. Having people be fiscally responsible for themselves and their families. To create something that makes an impact in the world. That we are getting seen and heard but more importantly, we are getting paid. I believe you should be paid very well for what you do. Ninety-nine percent of all businesses are undercharging their worth. Any business that contacts me and said, “Susie, will you evaluate my business?” “Absolutely.” The first thing I will say is, “We are too cheap.”

Get out of my pocketbook. Let me choose if I’m going to spend that. Give me so much value that I want to spend ten times back. Customer service only begins when you exceed my expectations because every company says, “We give great customer service.” “Probably not. How are you going to exceed my expectation? How are you going to have me go wow and I want to share with everyone about this product or service?”

Start looking at the little things in your business. It’s all the things that we do that create profitability. Not one thing. It’s our sales and sales process. It’s our marketing, how are we getting out there, are we marketing to the right and qualified client? Social media has skewed the game because we want fans. We want to be famous and go viral. Fans aren’t customers. It doesn’t matter that I have 150,000 people on my Facebook. They are not customers. They are fans. They are not buying. They are liking.

Let’s convert those into customers. Let’s give so much value that they are like, “Let me go to your website.” Not just, “I like you. You are pretty and hot. I like your tattoos.” At the end of the day, we want to see that transmitted into something else. When that happens, especially if you come into my campus, then I know we are making money and changing destinies. I know that I’m impacting your children and your community. Money gives us options to serve our community and our children. I can’t do what I do unless there’s profit. I can’t give to the charities, support the community and sponsor young entrepreneurs in my business if I don’t have profit.

“What’s the work? What’s your legacy you want your business to be?” “I want my legacy to be that my life was completely transformed because I went to a Susie program, bought her book, and implement it.” Don’t just buy the book. Don’t even buy the book if you are not going to do the work that’s in the book. Keep your $28. Buy the book because you want to shift your business, mindset, pocketbook, and change your children’s life. That’s my goal.

A good coach will show you what you don't want to see so that you could be the person you knew that you could be. Click To Tweet

Susie, you are infectious with your energy.

It’s because I’m so excited. Let’s make some money.

Thank you so much for coming to the show and thank you for sharing all this. It’s funny because everything you say aligns with exactly what I believe and what I share constantly on the show. It has been an absolute pleasure and I hope that people pick up your book. I’m going to get on and order a copy of it for myself because it is amazing. Even though I have a coach and I create strategic plans, 90-day war maps, and stuff like that, it’s so refreshing to see outside of our industry, these strategies and plans that need to be created. Thinking outside the box is amazing for me. Thank you again for coming to the show.

I realize that with a show like yours and businesses like mine, you are in business for yourself but not by yourself. If you are trapped in the lonelypreneur and not knowing, get out there. Go hire a coach. A coach is the best investment you can make. Do your due diligence but it has been the best investment I have made in myself. That’s the first thing I do is to look at what areas do I need coaching in my business and go get that person. I have three financial coaches, a business coach, and a personal development coach, AKA therapist. It helps me be the woman that I want to be every single day.

Thank you for who you are and thank you for your charge in the world. Thank you for being willing to get out on the skinny branch, being an example for your children and other men. I love that you talk about your children, your family, and providing. The world needs to see more powerful men standing up and being men, leaders, and protector-provider. Women are craving it. Men need more examples of it. Thank you for being that in your tribe and community to teach the next generation.

I hope that everybody reading this will get tremendous value. If you didn’t get tremendous value, it’s because you were not paying attention and you zoned out down the road or whatever the case may be. Read it again because there were so many value bombs drops there that I didn’t even go back and recap them. They were going by so fast. You can tell that Susie is passionate and she lives this because of the way that everything comes out. This is what she breathes. It’s cool to know that. If you have any questions at all, where do they need to go?

Two things, you can go to the to order the book and get the bonuses, which are about $3,000 worth of bonuses for $28. Where can you get that ROI? It’s with your Profit Coach. You can also go to my website at All the social media handles are the same. You can follow me, @SusieCarder.

Thank you everybody for reading. If you have any questions, reach out to either one of us. As always, my email is and my social media is @Tersh Blissett everywhere. With that, I hope you have a wonderful day and we will talk to you again on the show that’s focused on service business owners, managers, and technicians who are considering becoming business owners themselves.

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About Susie Carder

I am passionate about business owners living a life that is fulfilled! Achieving holistic success is a priority for me and my clients. My commitment is that all of my clients are paid the value they bring to their business and are the first to be paid not the last. I BELIEVE IN MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD!
You are a gift from God and what you do is your gift back to your community which makes a difference in the world!PROFIT is an essential part of success and it should be planned for. It is imperative for your long-term sustainability. PLANNING and STRATEGY brings peace of mind, it allows you to spend more time with family, friends and in activities that you love outside of work.

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