How to Become The “Ductless Guy” w Michelle LaFrance

In today’s episode, Tersh and Michelle talk about the 3 MUST DO principles for you to grow your reputation as the Ductless Guy or Gal for your community.    Our Deep Dive~ Why be the ductless guy? Who can be the ductless guy? How to position yourself…     Have you ever wondered HOW to target your perfect client?!? visit to get this free share that I (Tersh) stand behind 100%!

Tersh talks with Michelle LaFrance, creator of The Ductless Directory!

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Here is a little about Michelle LaFrance!

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In today’s episode, Tersh and Michelle talk about the 3 MUST DO principles for you to grow your reputation as the Ductless Guy or Gal for your community.   

Our Deep Dive~

  1. Why be the ductless guy?
  2. Who can be the ductless guy?
  3. How to position yourself…


“If you know how people will emotionally react, you have an advantage more valuable than all of humanity’s innovations.”

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Michelle LaFrance How to Become The Ductless Guy

Tersh Blissett: [00:00:02] Hello, everyone out there and the Facebook world and podcast land you’re listening to or watching the Service Business Mastery Podcast, I’m your host, Tersh Blissett. In today’s episode, we are talking with Michelle LaFrance about ductless and what it takes to be the ductless guy. And if that name sounds familiar, it’s because she’s been on the show before and we were talking about something a little bit different. But now one thing you’ll find out about Michelle is that she’s she has talents and in multiple areas, that’s for sure. And one of the things that that really the last time we spoke, I didn’t even realize it until probably after the conversation was that she was really, really heavy into the bookless world and in her market and just bringing a lot of people to the forefront when it comes to ductless and as far as the marketing side of things and just helping you become known as the ductless guy. And so we’re going to talk a little bit about that today. But if you’re not into the air conditioning side of things, you’re not into the ductless world. Don’t worry. Don’t fret, because we’re also going to be talking about SEO and how to really position yourself within your market as well. We’re going to talk a little bit about that as well. So with that being said, welcome to the show, Michelle.

Michelle LaFrance: [00:01:28] Thank you, Tersh. I’m so excited to be here. I’m so impressed with you and what you do. And I always appreciate the opportunity to speak to your listeners. I think you were like a superstar in the industry, so I was glad to be a guest of yours.

Tersh Blissett: [00:01:43] I appreciate it. So tell us a little bit about the ductless guy and kind of how you got into that world.

Michelle LaFrance: [00:01:54] I always love a back story and I love to find out how people end up in the industry, especially a female like how did you end up here? The super-short story in the tech industry really saved my bacon back in 2008. So I have a digital agency that I’ve had since after 9/11. I was forced to become an entrepreneur at that point in time. And I’ve always worked with contractors, but I really had a specialty in the building industry. So I worked within the Building Industry Association with home builders and remodelers. Right. Helping them do their websites. And everything was going perfectly fine until 2008. And my target audience went goodbye and it seemed Tersh like it was like overnight, bubby. And there goes my audience and then. Right, we all have our story. And I was wondering how to save my own company, like, how am I going to get through this? And while I was working in the Building Industry Association, there was one contractor that hired me and he reached out to me in 2008. And he is the ultimate ductless guy because he had a vision back in 2008 and he was trying to keep his company afloat because sheet metal house parts inventory salespeople, the whole nine yards.

Michelle LaFrance: [00:03:09] And he had called me up and just said, Michelle, I’m not able to stay afloat. I mean, I need to make X amount of money just to break even. And that’s not happening. And I was wondering if you could help me being number one in the search results for a heat pump. And I said, yes, I can. And that a long silence when I said, what’s at ductless are you talking about? And so I’m really thankful for you even asking that question, because I was able to save his company because I got him ranking for the ductless Heat pump when no other contractor was not even on the radar and he ended up doing some insane amount, like three hundred sixty-four units in his first year. So it saved his company and it saved my company because I started being known as the ductless Gal. So the contractor important said, hey, can you make me the ductless this guy? And I said, yes, I can. So I’ve been at this for going on thirteen years, so I have a great knowledge that I’m excited to share.

Tersh Blissett: [00:04:05] Awesome. Awesome. So why would we want to be the ductless guy or the ductless go?

Michelle LaFrance: [00:04:11] Yeah, I love this question to one of the things that I noticed about the HVAC industry once I started working more with contractors is you guys have one of the toughest businesses to run and you do it on a low margin. Right. And so you have to go out there and do the marketing. It’s a very competitive space. You have to get the sale, close the sale. You have to have technicians, you have to have dispatchers. You have to have all these moving parts. And for the most part, for many contractors, it’s a pretty low margin. So why the ductless guy, why ductless is so important is for a couple of reasons. Number one, it’s an exciting thing that’s happening in your industry and your industry is not filled with exciting events. Right. The technology is new and different. Right. And the number one reason that I like it is it’s a growing segment in the HVAC industry. But the big reason that I like it is this. These are the happiest clients, right? So they have the highest level of satisfaction. You went in and did an installation. They’re happy because you save the money. Some are saving fifty percent on their utility bills.

Michelle LaFrance: [00:05:17] They’re happy because if they replace something like baseboard heating, they can put the furniture wherever they want. They’re sleeping better. They’re breathing better air. Everybody’s at home. So now they’re converting attics and basements and garages into offices and living space. And they’re just so happy. And so I like to say, in terms of a niche, this is a really good one for those reasons. It’s like pushing the happy button and happy people do some things. They give you rave reviews. They refer other people to you. Right. And so if you want to be the toughest guy, you get your first sale, your Ducos thing, and then it’s like it’s on-site and off-site. Right on-site as part of what I help people with in terms of getting the lead. But once you get the lead, it’s like a ripple effect, right? You get that happy customer and they’re crazy happy. Right. And they start talking to their friends and you start working that referral. Right. And so it’s very the wheels start rolling and you can make a really good living. You can make a lot of money and make a lot of friends selling.

Michelle LaFrance: [00:06:19] ductless, I like that. So with that being said, do you have have you had any kind of experience with. What’s the best way to say it, like people they see online that this cheap ductless system is like Account. a 500 bucks and maybe a thousand bucks. And then we know that when we get into the home, we can’t we can’t possibly install a high quality Duckula system for fifteen hundred dollars. And so then when we give them a price of five or six thousand dollars, then. Kind of there’s a shell shock kind of going on. Have you seen that or experienced that or or how how would you combat that?

Michelle LaFrance: [00:07:12] Yes, of course, I think every industry has that, I have that in my industry as a Web company, there’s all kinds of people that do cheap crap websites, right. And they do absolutely nothing for you. So I’m totally familiar with it. Well, one of the things that I do and one of the reasons that I created the Duclos directory is because this has been my target audience. I see the problems that each of our contractors have. Right. Your business is being encroached upon by the Home Depots, the online wholesalers and the people that think that they can do it themselves. And so let me just backtrack. Not anybody can get into the Duclos directory. So my team, we vet everybody that comes in. So this is a quality play. So I didn’t create a directory just to populate it with every every contractor out there. I let them. All right. So once you get into the Duclos directory, you’re going to see that I advocate for you. So on the surface, the next directory is really a consumer resource that happens to have incredible power for the contractor. But I educate the consumer. So in I start talking to them in my resource section, I put how do you hire a contractor? And the first thing that I put there’s consumers want to know which brand that’s where they go. Is Mitsubishi better than Dyken? Is Dyken better than Fujitsu’s? This brand better than that brand. And what I do is I educate the customer on your behalf. So I go. It doesn’t not that the brand doesn’t matter, but I say the number one most important step on your Duclos journey to hire the right contractor, they’re going to know how to properly match them.

Michelle LaFrance: [00:08:40] They’re going to know where the proper placement is. They’re going to come equipped with the proper tools. You will void your warranty. And guess what? You’re not going to save the money that you think that you’re going to save because so much can go wrong. So I also have a blog section and recently and I, I feel like I bring a fresh and unique voice to the industry. So the industry as a whole kind of has a vanilla approach to marketing. And so I did a blog post called DIY and was like, should you do it yourself? And I go, no, DIY is don’t do it yourself. It’s just not going to be worth it. So I really advocate you’re not going to save the money you think you’re going to save. You’re probably going to get really frustrated. Right. All these things. And then one contractor told me that there’s a part in there that you could actually get electrocuted so we can throw garbage into. Yeah, it’s just not worth it, so I really advocate for the contractor and I blog and contractors can get featured in my blogs and they can use that. I put a share button on the blog so they can push it out in their social media. Hey, don’t do it yourself. You know, like which brand is important. I’ll get the contractor, like get somebody with knowledge and experience. That’s your first step. So I think my messaging really supportive and I advocate for the qualified contractor.

Tersh Blissett: [00:10:06] So who can be the ductless guy?

Michelle LaFrance: [00:10:11] I love this, I have so many David and Goliath stories, I just love this because who is the ductless guy? Sometimes contractors think that it has to be the biggest contractor in the territory or the contractor with the most vans and trucks. And it really is the contractor that decides and is willing to take action. So I like to say that there’s a lot of contractors that are waving the flag. Maybe they put one page a contact content on their website. But the first guy who’s ever the guy that plants the flag. And so there are certain things that Google is looking for in terms of who rankest where. And as an oil company with almost 19 years experience, we know what that is. So I built the Duclos directory from the ground up to be an actor. Right. And so it can be any contractor. And most of many of my contractors are smaller contractors, their owners, and maybe they’ve got one, maybe themselves and one other guy. They just decide, I want to be the next guy. And one of my contractors told me, he said, you know, Michelle, what you do is so powerful that you’re like the best kept secret in the industry. And I said, I know when you want to be the next guy, you have to do something different.

Michelle LaFrance: [00:11:26] Right. And I’ll tell you a little bit more about why what I do is so powerful, but it’s just really the guy that decides and then you have to have a better plan than your competitor. And so one of the things that I’m going to offer to your listeners is they can get a free consultation with me. And I had my tech last night put up a website called The ductless Guy. It’s really, really basic. But I wanted to provide an avenue where people are like, hey, I want to know more. And they can schedule a little point with me. And I’ve got a toll free number that they can call. But it’s really important to play a smarter game and your industry is filled. And I think the reason that people get so frustrated with SEO is what I see happening in the industry is somebody builds a website and then somebody builds that, your competitor builds a bigger website, and then you build a bigger website and a bigger and a bigger and a bigger. And it’s always a quality game. Quality will trump. Quantity every day of the week. So I got a secret weapon.

Tersh Blissett: [00:12:26] I love that. That’s awesome. And I’ve been honored to have stuff there, too. And and so it’s really been cool to just watch that progress and kind of dove into that everything, you know, pertaining to that that ductless realm of things. And in our market, there’s there’s Duclos, but there’s not a ton of Duclos, but then there’s not there’s very few people who rank for ductless because whether they nobody wanted to own it or maybe the market share just didn’t really know what to look for when it came to that. But I’m excited that that we we do rank well for four Duclos now. Good. Tell me a little bit about kind of the CEO kind of things as far as if you’re outside the HVAC industry, if you’re outside of Duclos and stuff like that kind of deep dove as far as positioning yourself within your specific industry.

Michelle LaFrance: [00:13:31] Yeah. It’s such a big conversation, right? And yeah, for the fact people listening, you know, I just want to acknowledge that companies in my industry heavily, heavily target companies in the tech industry. And it gets really, really hard to have discernment because I’m not. Well, there are some quality digital agencies that specialize in eight track. So if you’re a contractor and you’re happy with your agency, keep them, love them, really nurture that relationship. Because what’s more common is there’s opportunists. Right. And and I just get these calls constantly. One guy from the East Coast, you know, and he doesn’t have a big budget, but it’s still a budget, right? I think he’s spending like thirteen or fourteen hundred dollars a month and he has this it’s a skeleton of a website. So part of what happens for the opportunists that want to focus on that or the plumbing industry that’s right there, right side by side with HVAC heavily targeted. And there’s these companies that put these we call them thin or skinny sites where there’s a lot of graphics and there’s very little content. And we even see some sites where it’s all but a skeleton like this one Web site. The entire Web site maybe had it was nine hundred and eighty eight words across the entire Web site.

Michelle LaFrance: [00:14:51] It was just a picture and it doesn’t work. Yeah. And so I was saying to the guy, I go, oh, my God, this is like a skeleton. There’s just like a little verbiage on each page. So there’s a lot to sift through. And so you just really have to have discernment. The biggest thing that I want to say about is it really comes down to hiring somebody that understands the big picture and has a strategy. Right. And so what is the strategy for always just building a bigger website, but then you’re stuck in that rut? My competitor builds a bigger website. Now, I got admiral Web pages, and then it’s just it’s it’s dumb. So you have to play the game. Right. And so one of the things that I think is confusing is there is on site what you can do on your website, and that’s important. And there’s off site. And this is what I really want to focus on today, because the off site is really where the juice is. What can I tell you about? Oh, yeah, OK, so onsite is like your verbiage and what the content and the tuning of the site and then off site, Google really wants to see if all that they see is you and your website and a thousand page website or your five hundred page website.

Michelle LaFrance: [00:16:06] Are you talking about you and how great you are as a contractor? That’s not going to do so well in Google’s. So you have to know how Google is evaluating the website they want to see off site. Where else on the Internet is somebody referring to your website so that they can go, oh, not only do you think you’re great, but I found this reference point for you over here and I found this reference point over there and I found this reference point over there. And then those are called back weeks. All right. And what Google does is they evaluate the quality of these back links to your website. So one of the tricks that companies do is they go out and they buy a bunch of back links if they are irrelevant to plumbing or whatever you have to do, it’s just garbage. Right. And so Google is going to look at the quality of the back link. So the reason I created the Duclos directory is it is a quality product. And then I want to introduce you to this term called an authority site. So I created the stack, this directory that’s all about Ducasse pumps. It’s quality content. I’ve got a YouTube channel with quality videos and we built it to rank and it is come to the point of being an authority site.

Michelle LaFrance: [00:17:21] So here again, where a quality is more important than quantity, one back link from a higher authority Web site is better than a thousand mediocre back leaks. OK, so people and contract it is. Right. And so that’s the thing. You want to go get the powerful back link. And so that’s what the Blissett directory is now once you get into the directory. So thank you for this question. Everything that I do for the most part is off site. So once you get into the directory, you get that first back. Now you get into a blog and you get featured in the blog. Oh, then I do press rooms and I do press releases. So if you have a Web company that you like, keep them. I don’t have to talk to them. I don’t have to log in to their website. I don’t have to do anything. It’s simple math. Keep your website functioning and peak performance just like your furnace or anything else. It’s your website operating at peak performance and then add the Duclos directory because I’m going to start multa multiplying the the the ways that people find you online.

Tersh Blissett: [00:18:25] Nice. I like that.

Michelle LaFrance: [00:18:27] So go ahead, go ahead. There you go.

Tersh Blissett: [00:18:31] Well, I just like the fact that it is something that can be added on to what we have currently. It’s really convenient. And still with us, we we use your services and we have I love the CEO company that we have. I mean, Jake and Russell, they’re great guys and they’ve been on the show before and they really work with me a lot and help me out and, you know, pick up the phone call as soon as I call it, like much like you do as well. But it’s very much so whenever I first told you that. And then you explain to me like, look, we can we just piggyback on the back of them and and do you know these back links and guests, articles and stuff like that? I was like, all right, cool, let’s do that then. And I thought that was that was really convenient and really helpful for us.

Michelle LaFrance: [00:19:24] Yeah, it is, and I play well with other people, right? So it’s important and any good company will say, yeah, you can get a good quality back link and you can get all these references. Yeah, go do it. And so I like to I’ve thought hard over the years about how can I communicate this in simple terms. And so I recently came up with a song going to floated past you and your audience, and you can tell me if it makes sense. But it’s kind of like if you want to be healthy, you can go about your day and eat a good breakfast and a salad for lunch and the greens, the protein in the stuff in the other, and hope that you get all the nutrition, the vitamins and minerals that you need to to to be healthy. Or you could do all of that and take your multivitamin. And that’s really what the Duclos directory is like. And so I like to say, you need your vitamin B and the vitamin B is the back link. And so the analogy that I want, isn’t it? It makes it simple. I like taking complicated things and simplifying them. So before I came here today, I said, well, I better go look up. What Vitamin B does vitamin B gives you a boost in energy. It elevates you and it also is an immune booster so that when viruses come around, you are prepared to handle it. And so when we talk about a back link and I can read a couple of third party references here in a second, but that’s exactly what these high quality back links do. They boost you. And so I’ve had contractors go from not being on the map to being on the map just by participating in the directory.

Michelle LaFrance: [00:21:07] I’m going to tell you why in just a second. I have contractors gone from being mid to low on the first page to elevating the status, and that’s what the Duclos director does. So it boosts you in the rankings. It elevates you in the sense that we’re all working with that perception online. And so I had a contractor from Indianapolis, Ben Melvin. He is like the ultimate Duclos guy. He’s got a home performance background, but he’s in the Duclos director and he calls me every time he gets a lead. So and I love these stories. So he’ll call me up and is like, you’re not going to believe it. I just got a call from this lady and she went online and she was searching this and she was searching that. She was being really diligent and she kept finding my company here, there and everywhere. And then she found the Duclos directory and she said, I assume that you must be the company to go to because I found this third party resource and you’re in there. And so she picked up the phone and he closed them. What I had done the system. Right. So it elevates you in terms of perception and then there will be other contractors gunning for you. So it’s like that immune booster, like if my contractor is in the Duclos directory and the competitive contractor isn’t, I’m going to trump them every day of the week. So I like to think of it as the vitamin B that elevates, boosts and protects you because Google is always evaluating you and how you stack up to your competition.

Tersh Blissett: [00:22:30] Oh, yeah, I love it. That’s awesome. So with that being said, we’re wrapping up on time here. But what else what did I not I forget to ask, is there anything that I missed here? Because we kind of roll through a lot of stuff.

Michelle LaFrance: [00:22:46] Well, we did, and it’s a big topic. So I’m going to respect the timing. I have an offer for your listeners, but I also want to offer your listeners an opportunity to connect with me so they can go to the ductless It’s a simple page. My tech whipped it up last night just for your listeners, and they can schedule an appointment with me. And part of what I can do is I can just look at their territory and analyze it and see what it’s going to take. Right. And so we can do that. And then I also have a network. I’m going to give you a toll free number for the Duclos directory It’s eight three three five six eight nine four seven four. And that comes directly to me. And so you can also call and chat with me. But what I want to do is I just want to encourage people to get that that vitamin B, which is the back link. And so can I read this real quick? This is not even coming from me. This is from this. It comes from Search Engine Journal. And it said back links are the backbone of your Web site. The stronger they are, the better the position of your Web site. So. Is super, super important, and then there’s this other reference that comes from Web 2.0, Ranko, and it says, Increase your Google map listings, more back links to your Web site. The more quality links that you have to your website, the higher the jambi, your Google, my business listing tends to rank. So I’m going to talk to you about the minimum dose.

Michelle LaFrance: [00:24:12] Yeah. So the doctor’s directory is a membership site. A lot of my peers said you should sell the leads. I’m really not interested in selling and tracking leads. I really wanted to create a quality thing that contractors could participate in. And so I have five levels of membership. But got to tell you, the basic and the high end and then you can call to talk more. But the basic listing is a basic listing as your name, your address, your phone number. It gives you that citation and a back link. It is your minimum daily dosage. I don’t care if you’re big or small contractor, get this, because it tells Google that you’re associated with this authority site and that’s normally twenty seven dollars a month. And then if a contractor wants to pay in advance, they get two months free. So it’s two hundred seventy dollars for the year. However, your listeners can take advantage of this insane special that I’m offering. It’s 60 percent off. So they would get that back link, that basic listing for ninety nine dollars for the year. And they’ll do that by going to ductless, isn’t it? Well, I’m doing it because it’s coming up. So if you’re serious about being the dumbest guy, you’re going to set the stage to be ready for the season. It’s the number one search term. So it’s showtime. Right? So they’ll go to ductus directory dot com for special and then that’s where they can sign up. And just ninety nine dollars for a full year. That’s the basic listing. The high performance listing is the high end listing.

Michelle LaFrance: [00:25:46] That is three hundred and ninety seven dollars per month. The same thing holds true if you sign up for a year, you get two months free, so it’s three thousand nine hundred seventy dollars for the year. The return on investment is huge. First of all, I don’t care what manufacturer you have, whatever manufacturer you have, I’m going to create one. It includes the video marketing. Right. And it doesn’t matter what brand you have. But here’s what you get. You get a full page on the doctor’s directory. So now that full page is another asset that somebody can find when they do the search. So your website is ranking, then you get this full page. I just doubled your visibility online. And guess what? We pushed one of your competitors off the first page. So it is a battlefield online. I compete to win. Right. I like to have that comfort on my contract. And so they get a landing page and they get three of our world class. I just think they’re beautiful videos. And what happens if you’re a contractor and you’re like, I want to get fast results, you’re going to do this because one of our videos, we are so proficient and my team is so good, just one of our videos usually pops to the top of the search results within twenty four hours. So now what have we if you’re already ranking your website, this is the the high math and you get a landing page on the Duclos directory that ranks, you get one video, two videos, three videos, and eventually in the search, Google will present the Google carousel, which is three videos for your company.

Michelle LaFrance: [00:27:15] Now, we just pushed the competitors further and further down the page. Right. And the other thing that we did is we’re securing your online footprint. Right. So in the eyes of Google, they go, this must be the dark blue sky. Look at them. They got a website there on this directory. They’ve got these videos right. Then I can feature I can do more. Right. But that’s the base listing and the high performance listing. And then there’s options in between that make it affordable for really any ac contractor. And so I want to offer your guys that special of ninety nine dollars in the next 30 days. I’m going to give a give away, so I’m going to be tracking who comes in from this. And what one person will get is they’re going to get a copy of the book, why they buy. And so we know that in order to be the coolest guy you have to get the lead. You have to close the lead. Right. I am a trainer for a company called Bank Code It’s Personality Training, so you can understand the right message to deliver to the right consumer so you can close that sale. So at the end of the period, someone’s going to get a full hour consultation with me, a copy of why they buy and I can talk to them about how they can start closing more sales. And then can we put a challenge out there? Because, you know, I like to do something nice because I always appreciate this opportunity.

Tersh Blissett: [00:28:33] Yeah, let’s do it.

Michelle LaFrance: [00:28:35] All right. So if you have one hundred of your listeners that want to get in and just for that ninety nine dollars special, we’re going to run it all month in April, then I would love to create a custom video for you and your company that that, that will get it on our YouTube channel. It will rank but then you can download it and you can put it on your website and you can put it on your Facebook. There’s video is such a flexible thing. So one hundred of you, if you love Tersh, are going to sign up

Tersh Blissett: [00:29:06] To do it. Everybody sign up. I’m left. I’m trying to give me a video

Michelle LaFrance: [00:29:11] And then you’re going to get a high quality, super nice quality video. Hey, and by the way, most when we take a look at this, this the cost factor. The manufacturers love our videos and they love our what we do with our messaging. And so for most contractors, it’s a co-op accrual or It’s it’s funded. Right. So you can take that invoice and submit it to your manufacturers. I’m going to give you results. So it really becomes a no brainer salary.

Tersh Blissett: [00:29:40] It’s a win win for that commercial. But thank you so much for coming on today’s show and answering all the questions that I have. And if anybody’s listen to her watching this first off, sign up so that I can get me a video, too. But then also, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Michelle. She answers questions day and night. She’s super fast at answering and responding to questions and connect with her. Or you can ask me, but most likely I’m just going to forge you over to Michelle. But with that being said, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. Make sure we’re connected via Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and to talk to. But with that being said, I hope you have a wonderful and a safe week. And until next time, just keep keep hustling and sign up for at least a basic listening. Thank you again, Michelle, for coming on today’s show.

Michelle LaFrance: [00:30:37] Oh, my gosh, I so I so appreciate it. Thanks for the time.

Tersh Blissett: [00:30:40] It’s my pleasure. And thank you, everybody, for listening to this episode of the Service Business Mastery Podcast is a podcast focused on service business owners, managers and technicians who are considering becoming business owners themselves. So we talk again next week. Be safe. See you later.

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