From Challenges to Triumphs: Lessons from Successful Service Business Owners w/ Stephanie Allen and Jessica Woodruff Smith

In this episode of Service Business Mastery, Tersh and Josh interview Stephanie Allen and Jessica Woodruff Smith who share their expertise in growing service businesses through strategic hiring and networking. Stephanie, co-owner of Airworks, prioritizes family-oriented and mom-approved services, while Jessica, co-founder of Lady Titans, advocates for women in the trades. Together, they provide practical tips and growth strategies, emphasizing the importance of strategic hiring, networking, and fostering positive company culture. This episode is a must-listen for entrepreneurs seeking valuable advice on achieving sustained growth and managing remote teams.


  • Introducing Stephanie Allen and Jessica Woodruff Smith [0:49]
  • Hiring Jessica for ServiceTitan software implementation at Airworks Solutions. [05:30] 
  • The significance of networking in business growth. [10:46] 
  • Overcoming business pain points.[12:33]
  • Bottom line vs. revenue. [13:19]
  • Toxic Culture and Its Effects [14:52]
  • Roles in a Remote Company [15:54]
  • Remote Work Pain Points [18:03]
  • Work-Life Balance [19:26]
  • Building Culture in Remote Work [26:27]
  • Working with Multiple Screens [28:14]
  • Dealing with Overwhelming Amounts of Information [29:28]
  • Importance of Tracking and Measuring [30:47]
  • Networking and Problem-Solving [31:30]
  • Managing Employees and Encouraging Problem Solvers [32:35]
  • The hosts wrapped up the episode [32:40]


Resources And People Mentioned:

  • Connect with Stephanie Allen and Jessica Woodruff Smith on social media to learn more about their experiences in the industry and their involvement with LadyTitans.
  • Consider joining Women in HVACR (WHVACR) and LadyTitans to network and collaborate with other women in the industry.
  • Evaluate your current team members and ensure they are in the right positions for their growth and the success of your business.
  • This episode is kindly sponsored by Sera (visit their website) CompanyCam (visit their website), UpFrog (visit their website) and Emerson (visit their website).


Meet the Hosts:

Tersh host of Service Business Mastery PodcastTersh Blissett is a serial entrepreneur who has created and scaled multiple profitable home service businesses in his small-town market. He’s dedicated to giving back to the industry that has provided so much for him and his family. Connect with him on LinkedIn.


Josh Crouch host of Service Business Mastery podcastJoshua Crouch has been in the home services industry, specifically HVAC, for 8+ years as an Operations Manager, Branch Manager, Territory Sales Manager, and Director of Marketing. He’s also the Founder of Relentless Digital, where the focus is dominating your local market online. Connect with him on LinkedIn.


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