From Burgers to Bangles to Gas Pipes: The Inspiring Story of Lori Tschohl, Service World’s Woman of the Year

Burgers to bangles to gas pipes- A lifelong business lesson. Join us on this episode of Service Business Mastery as Tersh and Josh dive into the inspiring story of Lori Tschohl, winner of the 2022 Service World Woman of the Year Award. From owning McDonald’s franchises to running a successful HVAC business, Lori shares her secrets to success and the importance of networking and continuous learning.

While Lori’s journey from fast food to fine jewelry was unconventional, her leap into the trades industry was quite unexpected. With no experience, she faced challenges head-on, determined to succeed. Through networking and mentorship with Women in HVACR, Lori found the support and inspiration necessary to grow her business and empower other women. Her story is a testament to the power of continuous learning and leadership, even in unfamiliar territory. But what unexpected twist will she encounter next? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure: Lori’s journey is far from over!



  • Lori Introduction [00:00]
  • Pain points in the industry [05:02]
  • Women in HVACR [09:21]
  • Lori’s experience with Service World [10:57]
  • Growing pains of pivoting and scaling Lori’s business [12:35]
  • Lori’s Impact on a 17 Year Old Team Member 30 Years Ago [14:03]
  • Women in HVACR Conference [16:48]
  • Next Year’s Conference [17:47]
  • Connecting with Lori [18:47]


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Meet the Hosts:

Tersh host of Service Business Mastery PodcastTersh Blissett is a serial entrepreneur who has created and scaled multiple profitable home service businesses in his small-town market. He’s dedicated to giving back to the industry that has provided so much for him and his family. Connect with him on LinkedIn.


Josh Crouch host of Service Business Mastery podcastJoshua Crouch has been in the home services industry, specifically HVAC, for 8+ years as an Operations Manager, Branch Manager, Territory Sales Manager, and Director of Marketing. He’s also the Founder of Relentless Digital, where the focus is dominating your local market online. Connect with him on LinkedIn.


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