Does It Matter If We Use A Trade Specific Digital Marketing Company w Chris Yano

Tersh talks with Chris Yano from Ryno Strategic Solutions!

Chris is one of the OG’s (original gangster for those less hip in the new slangs…lol) of internet marketing for the skilled trades. He started working on Search Engine Optimization or SEO back in 2004, and he really stayed focused on the digital side of things the entire time. 

Chris has also been honored with developing a relationship with Gary Vaynerchuk, and he drops some pure gold that he has learned while being mentored by Gary Vee!

In today’s episode, Tersh and Chris talk about 10 reasons that it is in your best interest to use a digital marketing agency that is solely focused on home service businesses when it comes to digital marketing. Tersh is quick to put Chris on the hot seat and ask the really hard questions surrounding how we should be holding our agency accountable.  

Our Deep Dive~

  1. What have you learned while being mentored by Gary Vee?
  2. Is SEO dead?
  3. If so, what is next?
  4. If not, what should we be doing when it comes to SEO?
  5. Tell me more about GMB or Google My Business…
  6. Should we be on TikTok?
  7. Voice search…is it here yet?
  8. …you’ll have to listen to the rest of the episode for these juicy details!

How long does it take your website to go from brand new to killing it in my area?!


“If you know how people will emotionally react, you have an advantage more valuable than all of humanity’s innovations.”

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Does It Matter If We Use Trade Specific Digital Marketing Company For Our SEO Efforts?

Hello, everyone, out there in the podcast world. Hope you are having a great day, your listeners who are watching this episode of the Service Business Mastery Podcast focused on home service business owners, managers, and technicians who are considering becoming business owners themselves. I am your host, Tersh Blissett. Today we have Chris Yano with Ryno Strategic Solutions. And what is Ryno? Who is Ryno? What do they do? If you’re in the service industry? You’ve probably heard of Ryno. You may not know a lot about Ryno, so that’s why we’re here. That’s why we’re having this conversation. And if you have any questions. First off, don’t hesitate to reach out to Chris and his team at Ryno. They do an amazing job and they are always super open about answering questions to help out you as a contractor. So with that being said, welcome to the show, Chris. 

Thanks, brother. Appreciate you having me. 

Yeah, absolutely. So a little bit of a tidbit of information behind the scenes, if you will. We this we are not just now go and live. We’ve been live already in one of our Facebook groups, but yeah, so if you’re watching this live on, I think it’s on my personal page now, feel free to comment and ask any questions along the way. We’ll get them answered. If for some reason you don’t get your questions answered right now, reach out to Chris and his team.

Chris, what’s the best place for them to reach out to?

I would say just well, you can either go to the website at, which is R Y N O S S dot com or you can mean our Facebook page. Email is Like I’m pretty easy to get in touch with.

And so it’s really cool. Well, with that being said, welcome to the show, Chris. And what is Ryno and what do you do?

Yeah, sure. So well, thanks for having me. And, you know, kind of for those who may be on here, know else, I have a podcast I’m sorry to ask, but, you know, man, like, I actually I leaned on Tersh a lot when we were starting. I think so. And it’s been wildly successful last year. But I appreciate you help me out in the beginning with that. Did I you know you know you know how much I care about that. So thanks. It’s my pleasure. Yeah. So Rhino Strategic Solutions is an Internet marketing company specifically for the trades. It’s been that way for the last 13 years. So really, HVAC, plumbing, electrical or the majority of our customers, but we only do digital marketing. So paper click, HCO websites, social chat. You know, the biggest thing that I think that or the one I’m most proud of is that we’ve only done that for the trade. So basically, dude, we’re like eat, live and breathe. I mean, it made us an essential business. I’ll tell you what, I was grateful for that. We’re now in recession-proof and pandemic proof love. That’s true. So that’s it. I mean, really, the biggest objective that we have is people are paying us to I say, yes, it’s digital marketing. It’s a service that provides, but it’s to grow their business and our kind of slogan, if you will, as we exist to grow your business, period. And we live by that.

You know, what’s the benefit of doing just digital and not and not paper, print, or any of that stuff. What was it that made you decide that?

And like, wow, OK, so here’s the nerd answer, but it began to come. It actually was just the accountability with digital. It was easier to know exactly how we were doing. And there’s a level of accountability that that was certainly helpful. But I also have ADHD. So, like, I had to focus on one thing that I was really good at. And so it was just digital. I went search engine optimization back in 2004. So which is like forever ago. Yeah. And I started learning how to build websites and things like that. Now the way I saw it is I didn’t mean to get into the heating and air conditioning, which is kind of the first, you know, a trade I got into it just I kind of got sucked into it because my biggest customer was back in plumbing company out of Indianapolis. And but here’s what happened, is that. I if I just focused on HVAC and plumbing at that point in time, then my thought was I’m doing it every day. I want to get really good at it. So I to start bringing in because really every customer wants the most amount of leads for the least amount of money. Like, that’s never changed in 13 years. I’ve been doing this. So if I only stayed in my lane and focused on digital and I could look at analytics and data and measure, OK, I spend this on this service campaign, I can bring in X amount of service leads for X cost per lead in this market. With the weather at 80 degrees versus 70 degrees or 60 degrees, I could just nerd out on the data and figure out how can I run these campaigns effectively. So I didn’t have enough bandwidth to do any other service industries outside of that. So I thought if I just focus on the trades or anything I can do, what I have to do is chase the technology. And that made me become accidentally a key player in like an O.G. in Internet marketing for the trades.

So that is really cool, though, because whenever you think so, back probably what year maybe 2014 when I started my other company. It’s HVAC, Plumbing & Electric Company.

I really was searching for, you know, OK, so I wanted a website and but the problem that I had was like every all the research, first thing you do get on YouTube, look up what you got to get, what you got to do and all this other stuff. Nobody was really there for the trades. And so, like, I’m like looking at restaurant stuff. But then they get into like menus and stuff like that. And I’m like, well, I don’t really, really need that stuff. So like maybe I but I could maybe turn that over for service parts or service repairs maybe. I don’t know. But it’s back then I knew I just couldn’t find anybody that was specifically for the trades other than probably like one of the one plumber guy. But that that it was just it was such a pain point for me. So whenever I first when I first met you and I was introduced to you, I’m like, oh yeah, it’s like legit. He should just do it for the trades. So, you know what gets us because even now if I ask a question, it’s like, oh wow, I’ve never had to deal with that. Like, how do you create content that is creative and engaging for an audience that only wants you for demands only needs you for an emergency. And other than that, they’re not just going to go surf your website for fun. So, how do you still create content for that type of audience? And listening to you talk about that has always been really super awesome.

Well, you hit the nail on the head. Actually, the thing that’s probably the best thing to me was that I get to go after that demand service because the only time I point somebody is when they’re actively looking for, you know, for a fact or plumbing or whatever, but nobody in mind. So it’s like the best-case scenario. So and, you know, the analytical nerd side of me kicks in of like, all right, well, if I can just focus on how to bring in a service lead, how to bring in and install a drain cleanly, you know, a water heater lead, I just wish we would run like I don’t talk to my wife. And I started this, you know, that started the company. And today there’s a little over a hundred of us, but still focused on the trades. But the values and the processes are very much the same. It’s we just learned we ran thousands and thousands of ads for a company to figure out how to pull out a service lead. So which ads to run at what point in time? At which location in the United States of America, really in Canada at this point. Now we’re in Australia. But it was how can I pull in a service lead? Because listen, I understood on your end like what Service Emperor is. Window time is money, too. Like, so I really start to understand your side of the business to know what am I doing that’s impacting the bottom line. And so if I could pull in, you know, you get you needed one hundred new service leads a month and fifteen in solids a month. That’s what I would go after. It would seem to us today we find the number and that’s what we shoot for.

I can just figure out now what should my cost per lead be like based on all the data we’ve got? What should my cost to know how to create a proposal like this come from years of doing the same thing over and over and over again and owning these industries? And listen, like I just had this conversation with a customer of mine. They just came on board. We don’t always get it right. And I do. I believe we’re the best. We don’t always get it right. Because listen, Google is Google like they know. And like even as far as figured out as we have it, sometimes it’s like we have months that are off. Like, you don’t get it right 100 percent of the time, though. I have to, do I? But I have to believe I get it right more than most. Right. Well, I’m a guy, you know, like, you know, you and I have some mutual friends, too, and they’re competitors of mine. I champion them just as much. And they asked me for help and I give them help, you know, so I’m not opposed to doing those things, too. But everything that we do here is data-driven. Yes. There’s a little bit of intuitiveness to it from being in the industry so long. But I believe people rely on us when technology and things advance. I am chasing those new things for my customers because I want to deliver the best results for them that I can. So sometimes, you know, I don’t have to learn the industries. I had to learn to chase the technology.

Yeah, absolutely. So I completely spaced out, and we didn’t even talk really about Ryno itself and, you know, where you’re at and your team and everything. Can you give us a little share about that?

Yeah. And we blew right by that, didn’t we. We did, yeah. So right now, my headquarters is in Phenix, Arizona, which is where I am. We have another office over in Charlotte, which is where my mentor pulls out and we started the company in Indiana. Like I was saying, you know, what’s interesting about that is Indiana is kind of on this kick the growth technology. So they’re giving out grants. And this is when Vice President Pence was the governor of Indiana. So he gave us a sweet little grant in the technology space air quotes to hire people in. And then he left, you know, went to go be vice president. Right. So so we shifted everything out to Phenix. And really, this is kind of become a home base for us and will always be a home base for us. And everything’s done out in here. Like people will hear like we’ve got a hundred plus rhinos. They think I’m doing everything overseas, I do everything in-house and everything’s in the United States of America. So I don’t outsource anything to save money because I don’t believe it’s the best product to put out there based on what I’ve experienced. So everybody’s in housemen. We’re one big happy family. We all bleed orange. But I’ll tell you what’s cool about it. And you’ve got to know this is that culture is of the utmost importance to me. And we’re like we say, rhino family because we treat everybody exactly like that. You know, man, operate for my family. I pray for my employees and my and my customers and my partners every single morning.

Yeah, absolutely. That is amazing. So with that being said, you’ll do PPC CEO like building websites and stuff and then also LSA. Is that is that correct? 

Oh yeah. Social chat. So social life. Social life. So then.

That’s right, yes. I completely spaced on that. Yeah. So you’re, I mean you’re constantly working with Gary V and everything with, with social. How, how has that experience helped and change and transform things for you.

Yeah, man. So it was cool because excuse me we had Gary on the podcast. Really what’s good about having him on is his V factor. What we’ll call it is he always really great about thinking outside the box. He’s also super far ahead of in the social space and in and he’s really great with branding. So really where the value comes in from, Gary is getting those things, but his team is phenomenal and they really helped us operationally. And like here’s a perfect example is whenever I first met with Gary, we had dinner and we can talk about our plan of partnership. It was around building up the social media side of the business in the video production side of the business for our home services customers just to try. And I really wanted to roll out the best service I could. OK, so he basically rolled into his CEO, James, who basically is one that takes all Gary’s ideas and makes them happen. Right. And we got to work a lot with him. So we really structured ourselves in a great way. But when voice search was huge in the beginning, yeah, that’s a perfect example where I was like, what do you know about Boissier? So I don’t know that I can get my customers to come up with some ideas to search on their phone, because if you don’t know if you speak into your phone for a voice search, it delivers a different result versus if you type it in your phone. Right. I was like, how can I win that game for my customers? And he was able to kind of connect me with his voice search specialist. And I connected with my team. And that’s just another way we try to do to stay ahead of the game and technology.

So is voice search still as big of a deal that we should be focusing on?

Absolutely. Man, for sure. Think about how often you talk to your phone. I mean, listen, you’re going to be taking a shower one day even though you don’t have any hair to wash. Sorry, buddy, but then say you’ll be able to talk to your shower head and say I need some more shampoo and it’s going to come to your door via Amazon. That’s not unrealistic, right?

Yeah, I believe it 100 percent, because, I mean, right now all you can do is say, I’m not going to say it because my phone and my app is going to go crazy.

But a somebody and it’s going ahead and get this on order or, you know, at this Amazon cart or whatever. Yeah. So with that like what, what can you give us a little behind the scenes of like a sneak preview of what, what you can do to help that voice search.

Yeah, so the key ingredient here is, is Longtail keywords, like think about what people questions ask on the phone, and then you want to write a blog on your page that has that question in the answer attached to it. So content is still king. It is searching for that content, certainly making sure that you’re doing on your like GNB, your Google map stuff to whatever you want to call it, making sure you’re utilizing the Q&A platform in there and filling it out with questions and trying to get that stuff.

So with that question and answer session of GMB, isn’t that where somebody else would ask us a question and we answer it or it is? Yes, we go in there, no somebody else.

But you can certainly influence those things to try and get the right questions asked and answered in there because it can’t it will pick that stuff. That’s just it’s another piece of the puzzle. But really, if the one thing that you can impact directly is your own blog page on your site, so.

So SEO is still king, would you say?

Or is it you know, Man Seo is like in here because we track everything separately. Seo the expense, the cost per lead, and the revenue because we can pull in service Titan data or house pro data straight into the dashboard because we can see which ones are successful. SEO is by far still King, not LSA has been great. For those who may not know, you might not even know when Google launched what used to be called Google Home Services at the beginning, which is now the NSA program, we beta tested that for them. They flew into my office in December of 2014 and we beta tested form to 2015. It’s way different. So this is what I knew. And we now have a couple of those high schoolers that were on that team that works for Ryno, but there one around Chattaway exceptionalism. But what’s cool about that is it kind of gave us an idea of what that was going to look like. And so we had an idea that with the NSA program, it was super successful for a lot this year. And I’m so grateful to hear all the core success stories from it. It’s going to shift and change, like even with the bidding, the bidding piece changing, it has to there’s no way it would sustain. So this is where I feel like having been in this industry has been really helpful because I’m just testing the technology. And that is part of what we chase is about 100 percent. So if you run a solid search engine optimization campaign and I’m not talking like the kids smoke and mirrors, you need to know, like it’s more than just ranking. If you do that, it makes your cost per click on a paper clip campaign cheaper so you get more out of a click budget.

How long does it take from like, say, we had a fresh website to, like, being game-changing wording?

Yeah, I’d say I mean, if you’re in a small metro, which I’m talking a half million and under. Yeah. A population in under three months, you should be able to see some significant improvement in really fast. I think so, yeah. I mean based on what I mean that’s an expectation we have internally here is that we see improvement. You should see improvement, not one. I don’t know if it’s going to be game-changing, but within three months you can do your site will have been called, say, at least three times, maybe four. And by that point in time, you should have had enough updates and things done that weren’t so much ad spammy that you’ll boost your rankings for happiness if you had a trash site and then you’re going in and fixing it. Yeah, I mean, and that’s where it’s like this is where why we say not everybody is a RINO. A lot of times it’s easier for us to scrap what they’ve got, regardless of how long they’ve had it. Use the same domain name but build new cars. At least I know what I’m getting through and there’s a lot of stuff to do. And we’ve really cleaned it up more going into twenty, twenty-one of we try to I don’t have to guess on where to put what button and what call to action on a website to make a convert to lead. Sometimes people like me, I just dropped twenty thousand dollars on the site and I’m like damn that’s i’m sorry. So, so, so but at the end of the day, the only reason the website exists is to create a business. That’s its only job is to convert traffic into Leeds. That’s its only reason for existence is to do that. So if it’s not functioning right, it’s like your seats are not functioning, right.

Mm mm. Bam bam. I am. So OK. So how about this? You mentioned video, but you were talking with Gary and that was a lot of social. This is a two-part question and that is short-form content like Tock and YouTube. How important is YouTube to SEO? Because if I’m not mistaken, that used to you could create a video with transcribed and you could it would show up in SEO search at the top. But I think that that’s going away. And then can you build a ticktock page for business, for a service business that actually would be worth the time of doing it.

So I love you. A tick-tock question. It’s come up a lot and my social media team has grown significantly and we’re dabbling, dabbling. Tik-Toc But in order to do like a political campaign, I think you think it’s like a minimum of like forty or fifty thousand dollars. It’s pretty expensive. Oh, but you can create. They like a personal page, their quotes, and use it, and I have a friend of mine who owns a plumbing company in Oklahoma who’s dabbling with it, and she’s been getting business from it, which is really cool. So she sends it to me. I think there’s something there. And I’m going to go down there, especially because moms of Tick-Tock exist and those are great customers. So anyhow, I think that that’s something that is going to evolve into something more. And I’m interested to see how it goes. But I want to talk about video. I mean, I think you know this, but Google owns YouTube, so clearly there’s value in having YouTube videos. I’m a huge fan of video, video games, emotion. These may be short-form like you had said.

Ok, so when you say that. So I want to say sorry, sorry for interrupting you, but somebody listening might not understand exactly what I’m saying, what you just said there. And I want to kind of explain it sort of you said short form like let’s. Like, it’s short-form a certain time period, and if it’s longer than short form, is that bad?

So I don’t think it’s bad Tersh. I just think that you have to be able to capture somebody’s attention. Right. So so people get distracted quickly. So it’s got to be if you have a five-minute video, it’s like, why are you going to be able to really hold them for five minutes? I just think most of the answer is no. That being said, you can have that video transcribed. So there’s all that content throw into a blog or whatever, thrown into testimonials page and it adds value to your site. So that’s for like, say, SEO purposes. If it’s straight-up, like, can I set the hook on the consumer, the homeowner, and get them to actually call me type of video 60, 90 seconds max is all you need. Do not forget to close caption it. Do not forget to close captions. That is extremely important. We have two deaf employees at Ryno, which forced us into doing closed captions say six years ago. Wow, that’s huge to close captioning because a lot of times people might be at work and they can’t hear your video, but they can use that closed captioning. Right, because it’s not going to let anybody else on. They’re watching videos.

Is there any SEO value to close caption or? It’s just that conversion.

So, again, I’m glad you asked that question. No, where were you read that? It is. I believe it is. I believe it is. So I mean, really, you can have I mean, you can have the entire video transcribed anyhow. So that way all the content is in the post somewhere. But I believe it does. Yes.

So whenever you close caption, do you have to transcribe it and then put it back in in order for the closed caption to work, or can you just click a button and says closed caption and it turns it on, you can click a button, but it’s not always accurate.

So you have to go back through it and make sure it matches. It does miss a lot. So because some people can hire like a third party to come in and do it for them and like we do it in-house. I mean, but I don’t just click the button because, you know, it’s never accurate.

Well, with a name like mine and the way it’s spelled, that’s it always turns to church like people do the church to church. And so, yeah, I have to get them transcribed. Would you recommend a site for anybody that wants to try and try this out on their own, like for transcribing?

I don’t know. I have a site to recommend. I find out the right person to ask that question.

I did it. They’ll do it in-house. I’ll research that too because the one that we use is a great one. But I can’t remember the name of it right off my head. But the name with that was whenever you put that when you train when you do transcribe it and you put it on your site like it’s called Sonic’s in X is by the way. Got it. But when you do that, do you have to create into it as you leave it or Tersh said this, Chris said this, Tersh said this, Chris said this like is that okay? Or do we need to actually break it down, turn it into a blog post, and which is a better result?

You know, I don’t think you need to do that. I don’t need to say Tersh says Chris says, I think people can differentiate because it shows the human being that’s talking when the closed captions on.

Unless you’re just. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. If you create a blog post and like in your on your website from that.

Oh, so we don’t use it that way. So here’s a perfect example. I know you’re talking about like even with our podcast. Yeah. We don’t just have it transcribed. It’s actually written by Zach who’s on my podcast production team, and he listens to the podcast and then just kind of almost shorthands it, if you will, like. But he’s not. So he’ll take me because otherwise, I’d be a ton of content right on. Yeah. So but then he’ll write like if we make any references, you know, he’ll, you know, tag it all, tag to it too, you know, an anchor, text to it to connect. You know, I talked about Tersh in Service Emperor and now I can add Service Emperor link to go to Service Emperor site. But it’s more like I would say it’s shorthands. So kind of like our reporting call, listening and reporting team listens to every call that comes through every website for customers. They don’t write the entire thing out. They shorthand it that way. We give it to you, the customer, you know, you know, this CSR took the calls, CEO call. It was called a customer calling in. They were in a past customer, blah, blah, blah. I guess like a shorthand, the information. It’s enough of the info to get the point across, but not over the top.

Yeah. Yeah. Cool man. We have so much stuff here and I can talk to you for days. I mean literally, we could but. Oh Scott Oberg, in the live chat on Facebook, he’s banking on that three months that he’s a client of Ryno.

He’s part of the Ryno family. Man, what’s up brother?

Yeah. I mean, absolutely cool. But so thank you again so much for coming on on multiple shows today with me.

Yeah, man, I’m excited. You know, man, you and me have become good friends. I think it’s because. Both of our hearts in the right places and make it easy for us to, you know, connect and because it’s all genuine.

Absolutely. Thanks again and thank you for any listeners and watchers of this episode. If you have any questions at all, don’t forget, it’s to reach out to the team that Ryno and to learn more about running their own all the social media platforms. Have you by chance done it? Have you created a TikTok account?

So, no.

Gotcha. All right, cool. So check out Ryno’s stuff. I have a tik-tok, but, you know, it’s boring stuff. One day I’ll try and get on Chris’s level. Cool guys, well, thank you again for watching this episode, or listening to this episode of the Service Business Mastery Podcast. This podcast is focused on the service business owners, managers, and technicians, who are considering becoming business owners themselves. So with that being said, until we talk again next week or tomorrow, you have a wonderful day. And be safe out there.

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