501. How to use agile and growth mindsets to accelerate your growth w Frank Forte

Today’s episode is with Frank Forte. We talk about what it takes to lead and grow a high-performance team!

Frank began learning about high performing teams while serving in the Navy on nuclear-powered submarines during the Cold War. There he experienced the effectiveness of high performing teams and some of the leadership principles that help build them. Today, Frank speaks, coaches, and consults for individuals and companies on how to affect change using lean-agile thinking. Frank is a Certified Executive Coach who holds a BSCIS and has done graduate work in Software Engineering.

He has been part of 6 startups in various industries and phases of funding.

Frank’s new book: A.G.I.L.E. Thinking Demystified – Mindset over Mechanics, is due to be released soon. The word agile has moved far beyond its original meaning in helping to transform large organizations. We now know that agile is used as a tool to accelerate an organization’s ability to adapt and thrive in a world of accelerating change. This book provides the missing link of how to shift mindsets and how to enable teams to work effectively.

The framework of the book will help grow a new way of thinking and is anchored in:






A.G.I.L.E. will challenge everything you think you know about leading and working in large organizations. Embrace this challenge and the opportunities to improve because this is the only way to fully realize A.G.I.L.E and experience the benefits.

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