442 – 3 Agile Marketing Myths with Andrea Fryrear

Today’s guest is an early convert to the ways of Agile marketing, who knows that Agile teams do better work in less time with less stress, and she loves nothing more than seeing a team evolve from chaos to high performance. Andrea Fryrear (FRY-rear) is the co-founder of AgileSherpas, where she works to guide marketers along the path toward greater agility. A content marketer by trade, Andrea holds multiple Agile and Scrum certifications. She’s a regular international speaker on all things Agile marketing, and she’s especially excited to share her expertise at the 2020 Marketing Agility Summit.

We talk about several awesome topics, but the main gist is the 3 Agile marketing myths listed below:

  1. Agile is all about speed.
  2. Agile marketers don’t have a plan
  3. If I’m not in the same room, we can’t be Agile. 

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