429: Who Would Know What We Want in a CRM More Than Someone Who Has Been in the Trenches Too?


Show Notes

Imagine having a software that is extremely powerful, but is not so large that your input is ignored! Tersh talks with the founder of ThermoGrid about why he created this CRM software, and how it differentiates from their competitors. Can you say HEAT LOAD CALCULATOR?!?They also have a built-in price book that will help you to instantly job cost as soon as your invoice is closed. They believe in their product so much so that they offer a 25% profit increase guarantee that Adam talks about in this episode! Inventory management is a pain point for almost every business owner and manager, and it is built into the program already! 

Do you lose time and momentum due to technicians who “thought” they had parts due to poor inventory control? Have you noticed that your company is as busy as it has ever been but your profits are depleted from:

  • Overtime costs
  • Double entry
  • Bank/dealer fees
  • Missing service agreement deadlines
  • Dispatching the wrong talent to particular jobs

ThermoGRID is offering a GUARANTEED 25% increase in profitability for up to 6 months for qualifying companies!! 

Learn more by visiting ThermoGrid’s Website or call them at 1-800-592-3611 and ask to speak with Mary…she’s familiar with this episode and you can simply tell her you heard about them from the podcast!! 

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Thank you again for listening to another episode of the Service Business Mastery Podcast! 

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