420: 5 Tips to 10X Your Life, No Matter Where You Are In Your Career-Personal Life w Carlos Rosales

Tersh talks with Carlos Rosales III about 5 ways you can 10X your life, no matter where you are in your personal or career life. Below are some of the tips they talked about!

  1. East to West – experiencing peace through forgiveness
  2. Masterpiece – accepting who you are
  3. Abundance – living the life of peace
  4. 10X – sharing everything & utilizing your gifts
  5. Finish Well – Start with the end in mind. 

Get in the game & get off the bench!

10x4chist.org/sbm is where you can learn more about Carlos

www.kit.com/tersh/reading-for-success/ is where you can read what Tersh is reading.

Connect with Tersh on social @tershblissett

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