419: 4 Keys to Making Any Video Perform Better w Rick Cesari

Video marketing is still a growing phenomenon and you can’t miss out! Listen to this episode and learn tips to help you step up your on-screen game!

Show Notes

Tersh talks with Rick Cesari about so many interesting topics surrounding video content and how it can help your small business grow to the next level and beyond! They talk about why video is so important, along with a ton of stats surrounding video content on the internet. The main points to take away from this episode are the 4 keys to making any video perform better and may you more money!

  1. Structure – start with the end in mind
  2. Avatar – know who you are talking to
  3. Testimonials – let others tell people how great you are
  4. CTA – don’t forget your Call To Action!

Learn more about Rick at www.RickCesari.com You can also pick up a copy of his Ebook there on his website. Snag a copy of his latest book Video Persuasion: Everything You Need To Know on Amazon.  

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